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Friday, April 26, 2013
Happy Friday y'all! I wanted to share an app that has become so useful for me lately. This is not like one of my normal app reviews. The company that makes this has not been in contact with me or given me a code to download this. I actually found out about it from one of my private clients and I paid for it myself (it's only $0.99!!)

 Toddler Games Toys by Photo Touch is a receptive vocabulary app all about identifying toys. The app prompts the child to "Touch the tractor"or "Touch the puzzle" which would be a great vocabulary app for young kids, but that's not why this is my new favorite app. This app allows you to create your own library or pictures to be targeted. You may remember, last week I read the story, In The Tall, Tall Grass with my PreK kids. I used this app to create a vocabulary lesson to go along with the book. To do this, go into the settings part of the app (the orange gear box in the top right corner of the main page), then choose Customize Items, then Add list name here. I titled my list In The Tall, Tall Grass so I would know what story the list went with. After that, you create items to go on the list.
You can record your voice saying the word or a prompt to go with the picture. I used actual photos from the book with my iPad. Taking real life photos of the little critters would be great to add into the list as well. 
Below is a screen shot of the vocabulary items in my In The Tall, Tall Grass list. 
Once you complete the list, make sure you have the story list(s) that you want to use turned ON. You can add as many lists as you want. This would be ideal if you wanted to review vocabulary from multiple stories or thematic units. 
"Touch the caterpillar."

The family that I learned about this app from was using it with their child to learn names of common items, objects, and family members. There is so many options with this app... and it's only $0.99!

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