In My APPinion: Reading Comprehension Camp by Smarty Ears

Thursday, April 11, 2013
I frequently constantly am searching for new activities to use that target comprehension. So when Smarty Ears contacted me about reviewing Reading Comprehension Camp, I was super excited. Reading Comprehension Camp is an app that is designed to increase language growth and comprehension skills. This app includes 50 stories divided into 5 different levels.
To get started, first create student profiles. This way, data can be saved to chart each student's individual progress. This app allows up to 4 players per session. 
After you select your student players, you choose a story based on the students' ability level. Level 1 is for early readers (approximately 2nd grade reading level) and Level 5 is for 6th-7th grade readers. 
Once you choose a story, you can select settings regarding the font and image size based on student need. You also have the option to allow the app to read to your students or let the students read and record their reading. I love a language app where you can tie in some articulation therapy! The      recording option can also monitor student reading fluency and self awareness. Many of my students do not realize how fast they read or that they mumble until they listen to a recording of their read aloud. 
Each story also includes a quiz. You can choose from  11 different question types. This is great for all kinds of IEP goals and common core standards! If you choose more than one player for each story, it prompts the students to answer questions individually based on the settings you chose.
While taking the quiz, there is a HINT button the student (or you) can tap to have the section of the passage highlighted where the student can find the answer.
This is probably my favorite part of the app.... you can create your own stories! You can use a picture provided by the app or you can upload a photo from your iPad. In the screenshot above, I started writing a story about Patty the Surfing Peacock!
You are able to create your own comprehension questions as well!
Last but not least, the app allows for great data tracking on each student. If you have the Therapy Report Center by Smarty Ears, you can link the report to that app as well. 

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  1. I was thinking about purchasing this app but I'm afraid the stories will be too difficult for my kids.. Bummer!


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