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Tuesday, April 2, 2013
I was recently asked to review Reading Rehabilitation Toolkit from Smarty Ears! This app was created by a speech language pathologist for adults with reading difficulties. Let me take you on a little tour...
To begin using this app, you first create profiles for your users. The app allows you to use a photo of your client or an avatar. 
After you have selected your user, you choose the activity you want to target with your client. There are 6 different activities to choose from:
1. Word-Images match
This activity provides users with one word on the screen, which they must attempt to read and identify the corresponding image.
2. Image-Words match
This activity provides users with one image and they must identify the corresponding word among several words.
3. Phrase-Images match
This activity provides users with one phrase and they must identify the corresponding image.
4. Image-Phrases match
This activity provides users with one image and the must identify the corresponding phrase among several phrases.
5. Read & Answer
Users must attempt to read simple questions and answer based on the provided scenes.
6. Phrase Building
This is the activity that integrates reading and writing. Users are now able to attempt composing the simple phrases used throughout the application on previous activities independently by placing words on the screen.
After each activity question, the client is prompted to record a reading of the word or phrase from the question they just answered. You then are prompted to take data on their ability to complete this task.
Now you get to go green by keeping track of your client's data on the app in the Reports section. You are able to share the data through email or you can open the report in Smarty Ear's Therapy Report Center (which is a free app!) 
This app would be incredibly useful for clients with goals that address:
-Word finding
-Articulation (with the recorded response option!)
-Answering questions

I am not personally working with adults clients at the moment, but I could see this app being useful with school age readers as well. Smarty Ears, you have done it again! I am always impressed with their work.

You can learn more about this app or purchase a copy for yourself for $9.99 in the iTunes store!

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