Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Teddy Talker ™ Product Review and Giveaway!

I have recently seen a new product called Teddy Talker ™ all over social media! Everyone that had their hands on one of the products raved about it. So naturally I had to check it out! I contacted the wonderful people over at Creative Speech Products and they offered to send me the Teddy Talker Teach Together Tool Kit and the Teddy Talker Combo Pack. I am beyond excited to share this review with you all!
If you have not yet heard of Teddy Talker, it's a tool for speech production that promotes auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning. In addition to speech, it also promotes rhyming, sound blending, consonant clusters, phoneme changes, sound associations, and connections for phonemes and graphemes. Teddy Talker also helps your students learn while addressing Common Core standards (you can learn more about that on their website here.)
The Teach Together Tool Kit includes a binder with reference materials for therapy at home and in educational settings. The pages are black and white (great for making copies) and uses the Teddy Talker visuals. One of my favorite things included in this binder is a paper version of Teddy's face and articulators. My students love having their own personal Teddy to practice with! The best part is when they used their own teddy to teach each other. 
When you purchase the toolkit, you also revive a free digital version of the book for easy download and print access to the materials. 
-Teddy Felt Board
-Felt cue pieces
-Tongue puppet
-Learning Letters
-Reinforcement rhyme cards
-Mouth Position Cards
-Carry Tote
I love everything that is included in the Teach Together Tool Kit, but I got SO much use out of the Combo Pack. I was amazed at how engaging the graphics and felt pieces were for my students. In fact, I used Teddy with both my students and my daughter. I have a pretty wide range of goals to address with my students and I could use Teddy with almost all of them. Teddy's visual cues have been wonderful tools for my students with apraxia. In addition to the felt board, the Teddy Mouth Position Cards are very helpful for teaching sounds and placement. 
Teddy has also been oh so helpful with my soon to be kindergarten students learning letter names and sounds. I have also loved using Teddy with my articulation and phonology students. The voice on/voice off bow tie along with mouth position cards are the perfect tools for helping students work on their speech skills. 
I am so glad that I came across this product by Creative Speech Products. As a visual learner myself, I cannot say enough good things about Teddy and all the visual support he provides. The graphics are engaging for students (and adorable, by the way!) I look forward to using Teddy with more of my students in the future. 
Do you think Teddy would be a good fit for your students? Enter below for a chance to win a free digital copy of the Teach Together Tool Kit!!
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SLP Trading Post: Articulation Placemats & Giveaway!

Have you checked out any of the other SLP Trading Post blog posts? I teamed up with Jessica from Figuratively Speeching to check out her Articulation Placemats! I am always on the hunt for more fun articulation activities so I was very excited to check these out. 
Jessica has a few packets of placemats that target different sounds. Inside each packet is:
-Parent Note 
- 42 Homework pages including: a word list for each weekday, two tick tack toe boards, a section to unscramble words, a section to draw a picture, and a spinner. 
I love that she included a parent note explaining what the activities are and why homework is important. Even better, she explains that this activity takes less than 5 minutes… perfect for those busy families!
The homework pages are lots of fun. They are even student approved! I have used these placemats as therapy activities as well as homework activities. You can download a copy of these in Jessica's Teachers Pay Teachers store here! 
Don't forget that the Teacher Appreciation Sale is going on today and tomorrow. 
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Sale: What's In Your Cart? Linky Party

Yay for Teacher Appreciation Week! No matter if you are a teacher, therapist, assistant or coach, you make a difference in our students' lives. With the end of the school year quickly approaching, why not snag a few items that will help your last few weeks of planning go smoothly? I only have 5 weeks left before I go on maternity leave so I am definitely on the look out for items that will help me during my last few weeks. 
I am linking up with Jenna from Speech Room News to share one of the new items from my store as well as what I plan on putting in my cart tomorrow. Check it out :)
I recently added WH Question Scenes to my store. I have a new student that I have been working hard on answering wh-questions with, so he inspired this fun activity. You can see it in the store here.
Now on to what I plan on purchasing in the sale…
Beach Grammar by Jenn is exactly what I need… grammar activities with a fun summer theme!

I love Whitney's book club companions, so May's is on my list. 
The Dabbling Speechie's flip books look great! I always need more articulation activities. 
Nicole's Speaking or Writing Prompts looks great for my older students working on writing, or my articulation students working on carryover skills. 

I love Jenna's Preschool Summer Packet. This will be perfect to send off with my students before I leave for the summer. 
Happy shopping! 
Don't forget to use the code word: THANKYOU to get 28% off your purchases!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Everyday Speech Social Skills Videos Review

Happy Wednesday!! I am really excited to share this product review with you all today because I know we all could use some new, fun ways to target social skills. I was recently contacted by Cal, the co-founder of Everyday Speech. You may already own one of their apps, Let's Be Social, Let's Learn Emotions, or Let's Use Language. In addition to the apps, Everyday Speech also has prepared to launch an entire collection of videos to address common social skills such as: eye contact, voice volume, personal space, and apologizing- just to name a few. 
These videos were created specifically for students that require some extra help with social skills. The videos include real people, not cartoons, in everyday social situations. The videos also include text and video thought bubbles to help the student truly understand the social situation and what the characters in the video are thinking. 

Each video is approximately 2 minutes long. This is a pretty ideal length for young students with a short attention span. These videos would be ideal for social skills groups. They would be great to show, then have a discussion about. 
Identification of emotions

Text descriptions

Thought bubbles

Here are a few things that I love about these videos:
-The videos are short, engaging, and to the point.
-The videos include narration, text, and thought bubbles.
-Real actors (age 12-18) are used in these videos. 
-The videos depict real life situations that your students probably encounter on a daily basis.
-The videos can be viewed on PC, Mac, Smartphone, iPad, or Android tablets.
-The videos provide another great option for targeting social skills. 
-These videos are great for individual therapy or group discussions.
These videos are coming May 4th! If you are interested, sign up on the wait list now.
Those on the waiting list will get:
-A guaranteed 50% off promo code, with no limits on purchase size
-A chance to win a free video package
-The blog/site that gets the most waiting list sign ups: everyone that signed up from that site will get a free video package.
-Sign up using my link below so we can all earn a free package!!!! 

****Disclaimer: These videos were provided to me at no cost in exchange for a review, however, all opinions expressed in this review are mine. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's a Birthday Celebration Sale!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is a very special day for our family. Today our little girl turned 3 years old! We had a fun birthday celebration this morning with donuts, a movie, and lots of presents! Since you can't be here to celebrate with us, why not a TpT sale to celebrate? 
Today and tomorrow (April 26-27) my entire Simply Speech store will be 20% off!
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Thank you all for all of your support with my store! Happy shopping!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

WH-Question PlayDoh Smash Mats! {Giveaway}

If you are ever having a dull therapy session, bust out a few cans of PlayDoh and the day will be saved! I have recently been incorporating PlayDoh into my sessions that target WH-questions. I noticed that the boys love making things they can knock down, crash, or smash. Why not target some therapy goals while smashing some PlayDoh? I would like to introduce to you…. WH-Question Smash Mats!
I created these mats for my students that are working on answering WH-questions (what, who, where, and when) 
To use these mats, print and laminate them. Each mat comes with 10 questions that correlate with a picture. Ask the student(s) or have them read a question from the mat (depending on ability level or age.) Then, have them find the picture that answers the question and smash a ball of PlayDoh on it!
These mats have been a ton of fun in therapy. I love when I create an activity that the kids actually request to use multiple times!
You can download your own copy of these activity mats in my TpT store here!
I am also giving away some of these mats so make sure you enter the giveaway below.
Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In My APPinion: I Can Have Conversations With You

Disclaimer: A copy of this app was provided to me by the creator, however, all opinions expressed in this review are mine. 
Appy Wednesday! Technology has become a huge part of our therapy lives. There are apps out there to help us work on almost every kid of skill with our students from grammar to math! I was recently contacted by Karen, creator of the app, I Can Have Conversations With You.  This app was created specifically for those with autism, PDD, and Asperger's syndrome who are 6 years or older, can read, and are talking in sentences. The goal of this app is to help these students become independent communicators. As Karen's website states, this is "much more than just an app." Boy is she right! This app is very comprehensive and really digs deep into conversations, interactions, what others are thinking, and how others feel while communicating. 
The lessons begin as soon as the app is opened. Instructions are given along the way, so students can use this app independently. This app is ideal to use with one student at a time. In fact, it would be perfect to load onto an iPad that belongs to a student so he/she could work with this app frequently, both at school and at home. The app is easy to follow and will remember where the student stopped so he/she can pick back up right where they left off.
The app includes many videos of conversational partners interacting. 
Above is a screen shot of one of the videos included. 
After the video is over, the student is prompted with a variety of questions to help him/her truly understand what happened and how to hold a conversation about experiences. For example, in one video, a little girl visits her grandfather for the day. After the video is over, the student was taken through a conversation between the little girl and her father about her day. The student identifies conversational partners, relationships, how they feel, and what the partners want to say.
This app targets feelings, correct/incorrect responses, on/off topic responses, and more. In addition, the student is also able to record themselves as if they were part of the conversation. 
After each question, the child is reinforced with "that was a good try" for an incorrect response, or a stimulating picture and music for a correct response. 
As you can see below, Karen is also very encouraging along the way!
When the modules are completed, the student is rewarded with a certificate. An evaluation of the student's progress is also provided along with recommendations for future modules to add on to the app. 
As stated before, this app is very comprehensive and includes a great one on one experience for students to dive deep into conversations. I love that this app does not require adult instruction. Students can jump right into the app and start working because it is guided along the way. This app wouldn't necessarily work with group therapy because it keeps track of the student's responses to create an individual report at the end. It would be a great purchase for families or private therapists to make for their child/student. Conversations are a part of our daily lives no matter if we are at school, work, walking down the grocery isle, or talking to a grandparent on the phone. The skill of communicating with a partner can be difficult to teach. Thank you Karen for creating this in depth app to help our students that struggle with social communication!
To learn more about this app or to download a copy of the app, visit the iTunes store here!