Friday, May 27, 2016

End of the Year Teacher Gift Idea!

Today was Kenzie's last day of preschool. I am so proud of how much she has learned and grown in the last few months. We just enrolled her in school in February. We were touring the school for VPK and she just fell in love with the class so we decided to start her early. I am so thankful for her sweet and wonderful teachers and wanted to give them a gift to thank them!
Of course I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration.There are so many cute ideas but one stuck out to me, especially since we live in Florida! What's better than a fun in the sun gift bag?
Included in the beach tote is a towel, a magazine, sunscreen, and a tumbler for a cool pool drink! I picked up all of these things at Target. I purchased everything pictured above for under $30. The tote bag was in their $3 section! Isn't it cute?
 Because I absolutely love doing these child interviews, I found one for Kenzie to do about her teachers. You can download a copy for free from The Suburban Mom blog. I stuck one of these in the tote bag as well.
 And what teacher gift would be complete with out a cute gift tag to go with it? I created these and posted them in my store for free incase anyone else could use them. You can download them here! Happy gifting!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Why I Over-Communicate with Parents

How is your parent communication? Do you speak with your students' families on a regular basis… weekly, monthly, yearly at the IEP meeting? Keeping in touch with parents can be a difficult task but it is so important.
Typically parents only get phone calls or notes home when their child is in trouble. They see the school's phone number pop up on their called ID and have a moment of panic. I don't want my students' families to get that feeling when they see my name. I want them to expect a call with good news about a goal they have met or a fun activity they are enjoying and excelling with. Parent communication needs to be a balance of positive and negative. As a private therapist, I don't have required face-to-face parent meetings. If I see a child at their school or daycare, there's a good chance it may be a long time before I meet the parents of my student. I want them to feel comfortable communicating with me about their concerns, questions, and the progress that their child is making. 

Now I know it's not really possible to have weekly conversations with every child's parents. There just isn't enough hours in a day. So I created a parent communication folder that I send home with my students weekly. I actually call it a homework folder, but I am much more conceded with the communication portion of it. Here is what I include in the folder:
1. A Calendar: I make note of the dates and time speech sessions are held, dates the school is closed, dates of meetings, when a re-evaluation is due, how many therapy sessions are remaining if the child's insurance only covers a certain amount at a time, any pertinent information. My hopes with this is that parents will schedule dentist and doctor appointments around speech (wishful thinking, I know!) and also remember to contact me if a session needs to be canceled for any reason.
2. My Day In Speech Log: this is a simple and to the point activity/behavior log. It includes the date, a few lines to note what we worked on, a place to report on behavior and if homework was given. I typically fill this out during the remaining few minutes of a session when the child has earned a reward activity.
3. A Communication Log: I use this if a longer note needs to be left for the parents. There's also plenty of space on this log for a parent to leave a note for you.
Including all of these things aren't necessary for all parents. Some will be over joyed that you tell them each week what you are working on. And some probably won't give it a second look. But at least you are putting in the time to reach out to your students' parents. And that is fantastic. (Psst...this is a great bonus for your end of the year when evaluations come up!) You can download a copy of my communication folders for free, here!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#instaBHSM Contest!

Happy Better Hearing & Speech Month! What's a better way to celebrate than with a contest that advocates and promotes our field?! I have teamed up with Jessica from Consonantly Speaking and Carissa from Home Sweet Speech Room to bring you a fun Instagram contest with some great prizes!
In order to participate in the Photo-A-Day Challenge for Better Hearing and Speech Month, you must first have an Instagram account. You can sign up for free at or on the app on your device. You cannot upload images from the web (Instagram won't let you for some reason), just from a phone or tablet. Then, make sure that your profile is not set to private so we can follow you to see your images. If it is private, we will not be able to see your entries. Next, look at the image above and post an image for each day throughout the month of May 2015 within the theme of that particular day. Make sure in the description that you use #instaBHSM in order for it to count for our giveaway. If you want points towards ASHA's "Speaking Up for Communication" social media Contest, that is a completely different contest (and you have to sign up separately for that one on ASHA's website). However, you can also use the hashtag of #BHSMContest for your image to count for that one as well. Make sure to use both so you get points for each contest!
Be sure to follow Home Sweet Speech Room and Consonantly Speaking on Instagram so that you don't miss the winner being announced!
 The person who most consistently posts images throughout May corresponding to the themes will win a prize basket! In the case of a tie, will be used to randomly select a winner! Then, that person will be contacted via Instagram and the winner will also be posted on both of our Instagram accounts on June 1st, 2015 to give us their mailing address so that we may send the package their way!
The Bucket of SLP Goodies Includes:
  • 2 lip clips
  • A lips sticky note pad
  • A set of 3 Thought Bubble sticky note pads
  • 16 sets of 12 smelly stickers
  • A small brain JELLO mold
  • A sentence builder flip chart
  • A set of 6 sheets of pirate finger tattoos
  • A gift card
This challenge will run from 12:00 am May 1st, 2015 to 11:59 pm May 31st, 2015 in Eastern Standard Time. It is an Instagram-only challenge, so posts on other social media will not be counted (that doesn't mean that you can't share them elsewhere, we just won't double-count or count posts from other social media).
We look forward to seeing your submissions throughout the month to raise speech-language pathology awareness and share speech-language therapy ideas!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Non-Fiction Learning!

The weather here has been amazing. I have been itching to get outside instead of working indoors all day. Some of you may not know this, but for the last 3 years I have been working as a private therapist since I left the school system. This gives me flexibility with my schedule and the ability to be home with my little ones so much more. Working privately also gives me the opportunities to take therapy outside of the home or therapy room and get some real life experiences!
Recently we have been doing a lot of work with non-fiction reading about wildlife, animals, and their habitats. What's a better way to teach about these things than to actually get outside and see them?! There is a local park here in St. Pete called Boyd Hill Nature Park. One of the families I work with decided to take our therapy session outside of our typical therapy setting and get some hands on, non-fiction learning!
During the session before our field trip, I gave each child a graphic organizer (pictured above) where they could make predictions about that they would see, hear, and smell while on the nature walk. Ironically, yes, each child had the word "poop" written somewhere in their prediction! Since not all of the kids I went on the trip with could write, drawing picture predictions was also an option. 
When we got to the park, I gave them back their graphic organizers so they could document their observations. It was incredible to see them applying vocabulary they learned to real life situations and not just a worksheet. That day these kids got to touch a snake, see birds, turtles, and so many other animals we had been reading about. All too often the kids we work with do not get to experience the things they read about in the classroom. I love being able to give the gift of hands on experiences to both my children and the ones I work with.

This was such a fun and educational experience. I highly recommend it.  I know it's not possible for all therapists to have field trips with their kids, however, I have a few suggestions:
1. Take therapy outside your typical setting. Go walk around the school. Learning about nutrition? See if you can visit the cafeteria. Completing a unit on bugs? Take a walk outside and see what you can find!
2. Bring in as many topic-related, real life items that you can when teaching a new concept. Kids learn more when they can touch and hold something. A real object will stick in their memory better than a graphic.
3. Volunteer to chaperonne field trips your students will be on. My principal always allowed me to join my students on field trips. I created entire lessons about the trip before we went and continued on the topic after the field trip. The more exposure to vocabulary and new concepts, the richer the learning.
4. Going on a trip this summer? Bring back photos, a jar full of sand, anything that will help put a real life spin on a typical learning experience. Your students will love learning about what you experienced.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How I Use Silent Videos in Speech & Language Therapy

Sometimes I get in a  major rut with therapy goals. There's only a certain number of ways and a certain number of times that you can target a goal before it gets mundane. Tell me I am not alone here. Recently I have been using silent videos to target multiple goals with my students. They have been super receptive to this activity. We have been able to target the same goals but with a fresh new look.
First and foremost, kids love using technology. So anytime I pull out the iPad, I'm pretty much the coolest SLP on the planet. Lately I have been using silent videos on YouTube (search silent videos for kids- one of my favorites is called Pigeons!) but you can turn the sound off on any video and this concept will work just fine.  Before we start, I tell my student(s) that we are going to watch the video one time without writing anything down. Then we watch it a second time and I let them take notes. From there, I usually have the kids write a summary of the video. This activity has allowed me to target so many goals.
Here are a few examples:
-Inferring characters emotions and thoughts
-Grammar & spelling 
-Story sequencing
-Story grammar
-Articulation (have your students read his/her story out loud!)
-Memory skills

And those are just skills my students are working on. I'm sure you can find more uses for this activity. This is a fun activity that may put a new spin on old goals that you have been working on for months. One of the best parts, this can easily be done during 30 minute therapy sessions. Use one session to watch the videos and take notes and the next to write the summary and edit the writing.

Monday, April 18, 2016 "Show Your School Spirit" Selfie Contest!

Happy Monday! Last month I helped kick off a brand new website that includes everything you need to know during your clinical fellowship experience. I mean everything from choosing a CF mentor, to completing necessary paperwork, and what to include in your resume. I wish this website would have been around while I was completing my CF.
If you haven't already checked out clinical what are you waiting for?! There are only about 10 days left until the FREE membership expires. Tell every SLP grad student and clinical fellow that you know! has already reached over 70 universities!
In an effort to help spread the news, I am hosting a "Show Your School Spirit" selfie contest. Here is what you need to do…
1. Take a selfie that includes you and your grad school logo. The school logo can be on a shirt, a cup, your computer… anything goes. Get creative with this!
2. Upload the picture to Instagram using the #CFschoolspiritselfie and make sure you tag me @simply_speech
3. Check back on Friday April 22 to see if you are one of the winners!
What can you win? I am so glad you asked! I will be giving away 10 Clinical Fellowship T-shirts! These shirts are so soft and comfy… trust me you want one! So go snap some selflies and share to IG! I can't wait to see them. Contest ends Friday April 22!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March SLP Madness Round 3!

Laminators, ipads, and clipboards.. oh my! What are your SLP must haves? We all have those go-to, can't function without items that make our jobs and life easier. I have teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to host a super fun March Madness bracket that is all about those items. Check it out!
Each round, you can enter to win a product from an SLP Blogger as well as a $50 Gift Card!  Plus, each round’s entry goes toward the Grand Prize drawing for one of three gift cards valued at up to $200 sponsored by YappGuru.  PLUS, if you refer a friend to participate, and they cite your e-mail in their entry, you will get an extra entry to both that round’s drawing as well as the grand prize drawing!  You can earn up to 25 extra referral entries per round – 150 total!  Voting closes at 11:59PM EST on the final day of each round’s games (in the “real” tournament) noted on the graphic above.
Here is the full bracket if you’d like to download/print! If you’re ready for some fun and hilarity, follow this link to vote!
This 3rd round is sponsored by me (Kristin) and voting ends at 11:59 PM EST on 3/25/16!  If your entry is drawn, you will win your choice of product from my TpT Store as well as $50 Gift Card to Teachers Pay Teachers for all those items you’ve been wish listing!
Other March SLP Madness Sponsors include: YappGuruSublime SpeechLive Love SpeechSpeech Room NewsBusy Bee SpeechCrazy Speech World, & Allison's Speech Peeps!!  The next round is hosted by Busy Bee Speech beginning March 26th so head on over!
Thanks so much for reading and participating! Good luck!