How I Organize My Therapy Materials By Theme!

Saturday, February 16, 2019
 It's no secret that I love using themes in therapy. They keep me organized, they give me motivation, and my students seem to be more engaged. Over the years I have collected a TON of therapy materials that go along with my themes but organizing them has always been a chore.
I have tried so many ways to organize my materials that I could write an entire blog post just on that. I've used everything from large ziplock baggies to an entire filing cabinet but nothing has really seemed to stick. The baggies were good for books, but not so much for games and activities. So the search continued.
One day while browsing the isles of Target (I know, shocker!) I came across these clear storage boxes and knew they would be perfect to store all my themed materials. The boxes were large enough to hold books, games, and activities but not too large to throw into the back of my car. 

These bins have been a saving grace for me. As I switch to a new theme, I switch the bin out in my car. As a traveling SLP, I don't have access to all of my materials all the time. So having this bin in my car makes it so much easier to have what I need accessible. It also helps keep me focused on what materials to use. Since I am using a theme, I am not constantly racking my brain for what activity to do each week or with each student. For most of my students, the story and activity will be the same, I will just adjust it based on their age level and goals. 
All of the boxes are labeled by theme for easy grab and go. I used to store them in my garage but recently moved them to our therapy clinic so I can share the love with my co-workers. 

The labels are FREE in my TpT store here!


Creating Memories with CanvasPeople!

Friday, January 4, 2019
The holiday season is always our time for new family photos. Seeing how much the kids grow each year is so amazing to me. I am always so excited when we get our photos back, but then struggle with that to do with them after. They're usually posted on Facebook, I might frame one or two, but I wanted something extra for some of these extra special shots. 
 When Kenzie was a baby, I had CanvasPeople make canvas print of her first visit to a pumpkin patch. 6 years later, that print is still displayed and looking like the day I received it. These canvases are so great because they are durable and I don't need to worry about finding a frame to display these photos. (They also come with rubber bumpers on the back so they don't scratch the wall!)
 So I went back to CanvasPeople this year to order a few more prints of some of my favorite shots. Picking favorites was the hardest part. If you're local to the Tampa Bay area, check out Erika Johnson Photography. She is one of my closest friends and such a fantastic photographer. She's so creative and has such a great eye for those memorable, candid moments.
 Since the kids recently moved into a room together, I let them each pick out their favorite shot from the huge batch of photos we received. They each picked out pictures that describe their personalities perfectly. We were in the process of getting them bunkbeds and trying to renovate/personalize their space when these canvases arrived. I have Kenzie's displayed over her dresser and Kameron's over his. I chose black and white prints, because I have such a weakness for black and white photos. It's such a timeless look.
The other canvas I chose as one of Kevin and me for our room. Before this arrived, I had pictures displayed that were about eight year old. It was time for a change and something new. This canvas was perfect and there was a perfect spot just the right size for this print!
 I can't say enough great things about CanvasPeople. Their customer service is amazing, their shipping is fast, and ordering online is so easy. They also use environmentally friendly ink and pinewood from renewable forests. I will absolutely continue to use them in the future for more prints and for gifts!
Want a FREE canvas to give them a shot for yourself? Use the code: SPEECH for a FREE 11x14 photo canvas from CanvasPeople, just pay shipping! Once you receive yours, tag me in the photos. I would love to see how you personalize your space!
This post was sponsored by CanvasPeople

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