April is National Poetry Month!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Do you celebrate poetry month in your classes? This is the first year that I decided to embrace poetry month and I am so glad that I did- I think the kids are too! I decided that I would dedicate the entire month to poetry and discuss different types of poems each week with my second graders. This week we focused on poems that rhyme. I see them twice a week, so here is how I split up my sessions:

Day 1: I read them some Shel Silverstein poems (totally took me back to my childhood!)  We discussed the difference between a poem and a story and found all the rhyming words in the poems. Then, we created a poem together as a group.

Day 2: I let the students choose a topic of their choice (but prompted them with their favorite person, food, or animal) and let them write their own poem and illustrate it. Of course, I helped them out but they really did a great job. Then I let my little poets visit other teachers and share their poems.
In the picture above, I typed up a copy of the group poem about candy. The other poem was written and illustrated about pizza! I am going to make a class book with all the poetry that is written this month and give the kids a copy to take home. 

Stay tuned.... Week 2 of Poetry Month: Acrostic Poems!

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  1. What a great idea! I needed some new inspiration and the poetry books are just it! Thanks for sharing.
    Allison's Speech Peeps


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