Country Mouse Meets the City Mouse!

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Happy Friday eve!! This week PreK was learning about the country and the city. Their teacher and I decided to read The Country Mouse and the City Mouse with the kids. Because of scheduling conflicts this week, the teacher read the story to the kids earlier and I came in later to run one of the small groups. Check out what we did...
Surprisingly, Pinterest was really lacking in their country mouse/city mouse craftivities! Luckily I got a little inspiration from Life in First Grade's blog.  Before we got started on our craft, I presented the kids with a chart where they could vote on which they liked better, the city or the country. The class had been discussing the city and the country all week so they were ready to make a decision and explain their answer.
Based on their vote, they either got to make a barn or an apartment building/skyscraper/whatever they wanted the building to be :) 
On the back, I wrote down their answer for their decision. Here are a few samples, they always crack me up with their answers!
If you want to download the template I made for the back of the activity, you can download it here!

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