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Monday, May 13, 2013
Happy first day of Articulation Week here at Simply Speech! 
I wanted to kick off Artic Week with a bang, so who better to host a guest post than Erik X. Raj?! Erik is one of my favorite bloggers who always has such amazing and creative ideas to use in the speech room. My students and I are huge fans of his Multiple Choice Articulation app. I'm sure you will love his newest app, I Dare You Articulation, too! He is even giving away a copy of his app at the end of the post. Thanks Erik.... take it away :)

As the 2012-2013 academic school year comes to a close, a strange occurrence starts to happen in almost all speech therapy rooms . . . kiddos start to get a bit antsy! I am willing to bet that it has to do with the fact that the glorious summer break is in sight (hooray!). Warmer weather almost always triggers thoughts of jumping into a refreshing swimming pool, running around the local park playing fun summertime games, or some other exciting gross motor activity. With all that being said, are you looking for a new speech therapy app that allows your students to get up out of their seat and move around while practicing their speech sounds? If the answer is yes, I am proud to introduce to you I Dare You Articulation.
I have created an app that is filled with 600 child-friendly dares and the kiddos on my speech therapy caseload simply can't get enough of 'em! Now let's say you have a kiddo who is working on producing that crisp and clear initial /R/ sound? Well, how about asking him/her to do this dare:
While your student is pretending to row a rowboat down a river, make sure to have the student repeat the silly dare! 
Then, how about this sentence:
 bet you never thought you would have a racoon in your speech therapy room, did ya? 
Or how about this one:
A wrestler? Oh my! Now THIS is getting very interesting.
If you think this app is for you, click here to download it for your iPad. 
Oh, and you can enter to win it below, too.


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