Wednesday: Behavior Management

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Every school is different. Every group of kids is different. Every therapist is different. Unfortunately, there is not one magical behavior management system that will work for everyone. So in today's post I am going to share some different behavior systems. You decide what works best for you and your munchkins!
Thankfully, some of my little ones require no behavior management or reward system. For the rest of my crew, I use one of two methods (and for some, both!) The picture above is of my behavior chart. I keep it on the white board right next to my therapy table. When each group arrives, their names are put up on the chart. My older kids put their own names up, I put up my little ones' names. This is a great opportunity to work on name recognition and the learning the letters in their name! Randomly throughout the session I will add smiley faces next to their name when they are "caught being good." 

I also use a sticker chart. You can download a copy of mine here. I usually give my students up to 3 stickers per session. Each group is different and has different reasons for receiving stickers. Some examples are: good behavior, turning in homework, practicing good speech, listening and following directions, and no pouting (for my poor kindergarten students I have to take off the playground!)

I found this idea on Wolfelicious! She created a "Caught Ya Being Good!" fish bowl. When students are caught being good, they are given a slip to put their name on and put in the fish bowl. The teacher does random drawings when she needs a student helper or to give monthly treats to! I think I may adopt this idea!

I have received a lot of emails requesting this punch card. I did not make this, but found it on What the Teacher Wants. There is a boy and girl version of this card on her blog. 

I am not a huge fan of giving food out as a reward, but this idea is very cute! I use the saying "Kiss your brain!" when my students do something very smart (they kiss their palm and then put it to their forehead!) With this method, students get a Hershey Kiss when they are caught using their brain or being good. This idea came from Teaching Madness

TIP: If you write to or visit some companies and ask very nicely, they will give you rewards for your students. Last year, we got free hamburger coupons from McDonalds. Those were always a hit with my students (especially since my school is next door to a Mickey D's) I have heard that Subway does the same thing. 

I hope you all have found this post helpful as well. If you have any other ideas that work magic with your students, please share! Check back tomorrow for some first week of school get to know you activities!

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  1. I've been working as a school-based SLP for 26 years. I have "super job slips" that I give my students when they come in. They each get 5 slips. I will give them 1 warning, then I will just reach over and take one away. As long as they have 1 slip, they get a sticker on their sticker chart. They can earn an extra sticker by bringing their signed speech books back. Once they understand the system, I don't give the slips out. If their behavior starts to slip, all I have to do is ask if I need to get the super job slips out, and they straighten right up! For the sticker chart: when they complete a row, they get to go to the "fruit snack box"; when the next row is completed, they earn a trip to the prize box.


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