Thursday: Getting To Know You!

Thursday, August 2, 2012
I love using the first week of school (sometimes two!) to do get to know you activities with my students. It's just important for them to get to know me and their peers as it is for us to get to know them. The kids have to feel comfortable with their therapist and with the students in their group to really make progress. So here are a few fun ideas I have found and wanted to share with you. Please let me know what you plan on doing with your students! I love finding new ideas!

I am really excited about this first activity! I have seen "Get To Know You Necklaces" on Pinterest and created my own to give it a speechie twist! Buy a big bag of beads and string from the dollar store. Get creative with heart and star shape beads, too. Have your kiddos create this necklace or bracelet then share with the group! You can use this sharing time as baseline speech data- score! Download this handout here! PS- the border is from The 3AM Teacher

Me... In A Nutshell! How cute is this? I found this activity at First Grader At Last! She has students take the bag home and fill it with items about them to share. I smell another speech and language sample opportunity here!

I plan on doing this during the first week of school as well. Instead of pre-writing the kids' names on the puzzle pieces, I am going to let my students decorate their own puzzle piece. I found this idea at Bulletin Board Ideas.

Facebook is huge.. even with the kids. I found this all about me Facebook themed page at Teaching Star Students. Middle and high school kids, and maybe even upper elementary, would love this! 

Find more Get To Know You activities on my Pinterest page! Tomorrow I plan on posting some fun new therapy activities I have found recently... any requests please let me know :) Have a great day!

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