Speech Journal App Review & Giveaway!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012
Appy Saturday!! How about an app review and a giveaway to kick the weekend off? 
Kyle over at The Mobile Education Store provided me with a code to check out his Speech Journal app. I have always been impressed with the apps from The Mobile Education Store, and this one was no exception. Speech Journal is an app that lets you customize voice recordings and pair them with your own imported images and image sequences. I use the video recorder on my iPad frequently in therapy for speech samples, story retellings, sequencing events, etc. This app was made for completing activities like that.
 Here is how it works...
When you open the Speech Journal app, it prompts you to choose a user. The app allows you to save multiple users which is ideal for working with multiple students. You can organize and save their work into their own files (instead of the video library where I have all of mine!) After you choose a user, you select an image. This can be an image you have saved in your library or you can take a photo with the iPad at that time. 
 I chose a picture of me and my 3 year old dance class from my photo library. (How cute are they?) After you select an image, you touch the green RECORD button to record a message about the photo. Note: if you do not make a recording, the photo will not save to the student's file. 
"Mrs. Kristin is teaching the girls how to stretch before they start dancing."
After you complete your recording, you are brought to a page that looks like this. You are given the option to erase and re-record, listen to your recording, continue recording (and add to what you already have), save, or choose a new image for your next slide. 

When you are done with your recordings and photos, you have a slide show! To get a better idea about this app and see a real life example, check out the video tutorial here!

Possible Uses For This App:
  • Sequencing activities
  • Visual Schedules
  • Social Stories
  • Speech/ Language Samples
  • Articulation data
  • Journal for non-verbal students (share what the student did that day, what happened on a field trip, etc.)
  • Show and Tell activity
  • Family/ class photo album or slide show
  • Story retelling activities (this would go GREAT with Story Grammar Marker!!)
  • Many, many more!!
Speech Journal sells for only $1.99 in the iTunes store!

Kyle was generous enough to give me 2 more codes to share with you! Enter to win a copy of Speech Journal below... Good Luck!!


  1. I have life skills students who need assistance with sequencing skills. This year, I will be working with them in a cooking class, and it would be wonderful to use this app to help the students address sequencing a recipe.

  2. Thanks for such a thorough review. It sounds like a really helpful app!

  3. I have many students that require a language sample monthly for data collection this would be a very helpful app to use. thanks for the great review

  4. I love the idea of using this as a social story maker. I also think this would be great to have my kiddos make stories (sequencing, parts of a story, etc) that they can revisit.
    Great review, and cute dance class :)
    Let's Talk Speech Therapy

  5. This would be great for social stories for my kiddos.

  6. What a great app! I can see many uses for this in my resource room (retelling stories, video modeling, recording assessments).
    Great review!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  7. I'd use it to make sequence activities, retell stories, tell daily news during, while monitorning MLU, articulation and syntax during therapy.

  8. This app is a great solution to our county's paperless policy. It would greatly reduce the amount of paper used for social stories, visual schedules, and, most of all, data collection. It also appears to be more of an "online" way of creating material to cater to individual students without taking up so much time (waiting for materials to be laminated, copied, printed, etc.)

  9. I could use this with my articulation students, as well as my life skills class to keep track of a language sample and notes on what goes on in class each day!

  10. Love the idea for social stories and visual schedules. I also think this would be great for cognitive work with an adolescent with TBI.

  11. I would use this app to document progress. I would also enjoy exploring the uses you suggested.

  12. I will be working in both elementary and high school and this would be an amazing tool for both age levels to document progress, for language samples, sequencing activities, story retell, articulation and syntax activities.

  13. I would definitely use it to sequence and tell stories with pictures (among many other things). How fun!


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