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Monday, August 27, 2012
Good morning! Today I have a guest post from Brea at Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology! Over the summer, I created a getting ready for kindergarten checklist. These activities listed below would be perfect to help you tackle some items on the list! I can't wait to download these activities and use them with my students.Take it away Brea!

Alphabet and Color Match-Up

Many preschoolers work on learning the alphabet and colors before reaching kindergarten. It’s important to make sure that these students have these concepts mastered by the end of preschool. I created an alphabet and color match-up game that you could use to discuss consonant and vowel sounds, colors, or even use as a reinforcement activity. I found a similar idea on Pinterest, but I cannot seem to locate the original pin. Therefore, if this is your idea, please let me know so that I can give you credit!
I created both a lowercase and an uppercase match-up activity because some students struggle with lowercase letters while other students struggle with uppercase letters.

The directions are simple.
-First, get some clothespins and create 1 set that has the uppercase letters on the end and 1 set that has the lowercase letters on the end.
-Make sure you laminate these materials so that you can use them over and over again.
-Then, give the student clothespins one by one, have the student earn a clothespin, or have him or her select a clothespin out of a cup.
-Finally, the student would match the correct clothespin with the box on the paper. Clip the clothespin on the edge of the paper to match them.
 It’s as easy as that!

I also created a version that has pictures on it. The student would select a clothespin and match the clothespin with the picture that begins with that letter.

For example: if the student selects the clothespin with a B on it, the student should find the picture of a Bear and place the clothespin over that box. Bear begins with a /b/.

Finally, I created a color version. Instead of putting letters on clothespins, put a colored dot on the end. Have the student select a clothespin and match it up to the correct box on the paper.

Download the free download here: Alphabet and Color Match Up!


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