Where Is The SLP?

Sunday, August 19, 2012
If you are a school based SLP, then you know how hard it is for teachers, students, and administration to find us on a daily basis. We are either in a classroom doing inclusion, doing a hearing screening, in an IEP meeting, completing a speech screening, at the copier... always on the move! One of my readers, Lauren Wills, had a brilliant idea and created  "Where is the SLP?" signs to hang on your door! Print out the signs, laminate, and hang with some cute ribbon outside your door when you are away from your room. When she sent it to me, I thought, why haven't I thought of this? Thank you Lauren and thank you for letting me share your idea!
To download Lauren's Where Is The SLP door signs, click here!


  1. Such a simple, yet genius, idea! Going to make some right now! People never know where to find spec. ed. teachers either!!


  2. Is there a way to edit them? I don't go to another school, but I am out of the building sometimes, so I'd like to change that one.

    1. I didn't make these, one of my readers did. She sent them to me in a pdf and those files cannot be edited. Maybe contact Lauren and ask her... her email is: Lauren.Wills@nn.k12.va.us Thanks so much for checking out my blog :)


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