Scheduling... Oh My!

Friday, August 24, 2012
Probably one of the most stressful parts of the beginning of the school year is creating a schedule. It gives me a headache trying to schedule my students in between core curriculum, occupational therapy, physical therapy, VE resource support.... ahhh!! Well, for those of you that follow me on Facebook you saw that I tried using the white board to create my schedule this year (Thank you Crazy Speech World!) That actually worked out very well for me and I think (dare I say it...) I have completed my schedule. What's your next step after you finish your schedule? I complete a form that I give to the teachers of my students and pray that they have not scheduled library time during my therapy time :) Below is a picture of the form that I use to get the necessary information to the teachers. I also attach a copy of the student's goals and accommodations with the schedule sheet.


  1. That is cute. All of our documents are on the computer, so I usually send an e-mail to the teachers with the therapy dates and times and remind them to open the last meeting if they haven't already. It is so much easier than copying everything and getting signatures like I used to have to do in the old days.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!

  2. Woohooo! So glad it worked for you...and I finished my schedule today too! YAY!

    I email teachers when I get their students' times scheduled initially, then I give them a reminder page once things are set. Love the super cute form!

  3. Ok.....I want to ask the silly, most elementary techie question...How do you get your cute back ground designs and then the oval space on top with "speech & Language students". I can do lots on ipads and snippings and boardmaker....but this simple basic Word thing escapes me DUH!

    1. It's not a silly question, I had to ask someone before I learned too! I use power point. I have found some free backgrounds on Pinterest and I just play around on PPT :) I should do a post on how to make templates....

  4. I love the form and I LOVE your blog!!


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