Auditory Processing Party! {Giveaway}

Monday, November 25, 2013
Happy Monday! Are you working this week or are you one of the lucky ones still in their pajamas reading this? Last year I was one of the lucky ones but this year is a little different. I wanted to share with you one of my newest activity packets. 
Not gonna lie, I am pretty excited about it!
There seems to be more and more children being identified with Auditory Processing Disorders and many more demonstrating characteristics of this disorder. Last week I shared my Operation Recall activity with you all and I am super excited to introduce a new AP game... Auditory Processing Party!
This activity is a fun "Popcorn Party" themed game that targets auditory processing skills. 
Here is how you play:
Print out one popcorn container for each student playing the game (they are pictured above). There is no limit on how many players can participate in the game. This makes it easy for one on one therapy or group therapy sessions!
A fun variation on this game would be using actual popcorn containers that you can find at the dollar store or glueing the popcorn container pictures to paper bags for the kids to fill!

Print and cut out popcorn pieces on page 4. Print multiple copies of this page. These pieces will be stored on the large full popcorn container (pictured below)  during the game. As students take turns answering questions from the cards, they earn a piece of popcorn for their own container.

The question cards are separated into 6 categories:  
Auditory Discrimination 
Phonological Blending 
Remembering Numbers 
Remembering Words 
 Use all the categories or just the ones your students need to practice. There are 2 pages of cards for each category.
I store the cards separately by category and use the title card on top of each deck for convince. 

Same and Different words included. 

Blending up to 6 sounds to create a word. 

Up to 7 number combinations included.

Up to 5 combinations of related and unrelated words are included. 

Take turns asking your students questions from the cards. As they answer the questions correctly, they get a piece of popcorn for their own container. The winner of the game has the most popcorn in their container at the end of your session!
You can download this activity here or try to win a copy below! If you would like to download it now, still enter the raffle. If you are my winner, you can choose another item from my store.
Good luck!!


  1. I love all the versatility of this product! You make such great materials!

  2. I just got my first student with auditory processing disorder. This will be helpful!

  3. I have never has the opportunity to work with a student with auditory processing disorder but this year I have been blessed with 2 very challenging cases. I think this product would help me and my students.

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a great product.

  5. Thanks for offering this packet in a giveaway! I can *always* use more AP activities ;)

  6. Such a nice range of skills assessed, and a fun theme that all ages and abilities will like!

  7. Looks like a great packet, thanks for your hard work!

  8. Oh wow! This looks like a great activity.

  9. Looks wonderful. Always need inference activities

  10. Hey, I can use my plastic popcorn containers now! I have been waiting for an activity like this one :0)

  11. Looks like this would be great for targeting several skills for my kids with auditory processing disorder! Thanks for creating such great products!

  12. This activity looks great. The theme is cute and it is so versatile.

  13. Thank you for the giveaway! Looks great!

  14. The comprehensiveness of this packet is great. APD is pretty prevelant on my caseload this year, tons of kids are working on recall. And even better, I have popcorn tins from some previous activities... so this would add just enough to make a popcorn theme week - how fun! :)

  15. I have so many kids I see with APD... this would be great to add to my activities :)

  16. Very fun activity. So many students who can't remember names or what they've been asked to do! Maybe this will help improve those skills. Thanks!

  17. Sounds awesome! I will put that on my wish list for sure!

  18. The winner could win a package of microwave popcorn!

  19. What a wonderful pack! My students could really benefit from this! Awesome!

  20. I love all of the skill areas targeted. I have so many students working on these!


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