Happy Thanksgiving! A Thematic Unit {Giveaway!}

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Gobble, gobble! It's turkey time ya'll! I love the holiday season and any kind of thematic unit I can incorporate into my therapy sessions. So, I present to you my latest creation....
This packt is full of activities to help your littles meet their speech and language goals. 
Here is what is included in this unit:
Pages 3-4 Vocabulary Strips
Vocabulary in this packet include:
apple, corn, cornucopia, Native American, pie, pilgrims, pumpkin, and turkey.

Pages 5-7 Compare and Contrast Venn Diagrams 

Items to compare and contrast include:
apple vs. corn
pie vs. turkey
Native American vs Pilgrim
Pages 8-12 Thankful BINGO
4 mats and calling cards

Pages 13-17 Thanksgiving Book

This is a 10 page book that reinforces holiday vocabulary and emergent literacy. 

Page 18 I am thankful for... writing prompt

Page 19-20 Social Skills- Thankful Turkey or Rotten Apple? 

Reach each of the 16 scenarios to your students. Have them decide if the scenario describes a "Thankful Turkey" or "Rotten Apple"
Page 21 Patterns
Have your student complete the patterns while reinforcing vocabulary .
Patterns addressed are ABA, AAB, and ABB

Pages 22-23: Following Directions

Complete the picture below by following directions on a separate page. Students can cut out the items and follow the prepositional directions to complete the Thanksgiving dinner!

Pages 24-27: What Doesn’t Belong?

Pages 28-38 Counting Mats

I like to make these into number books or laminate and use them as a counting activity. Also included is a page full of vocabulary pictures that student can use to demonstrate 1:1 correspondence. 

Pages 39-41 Open-Ended Mats 
Have your students practice a target then color in or place a chip on the circles. 

Also included is a pie and turkey dinner mat!

I hope you find this packet full of activities to keep your little ones busy and meeting their goals during this thankful season! This activity is on sale in my TpT store and 20% off today and tomorrow! You can also try to win a copy by entering below. If you purchase the activity during the sale and end up being one of my winners, I will give you another item from my store for free.
Good luck!!


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