Fave Fashion Friday {Linky Party!}

Friday, November 15, 2013
Happy Friday and welcome to the very first edition of Fave Fashion Friday! I am teaming up with Kate at Speech Room Style to bring you a monthly linky about a very popular topic... speechie style! I decided to start this linky series because speech room fashion is always a hot topic. I always feel like I need to dress professional, but I am working on the floor with 3 year olds for more than half my day. Seriously, yoga pants would be more efficient. But since that isn't really an option, I am always searching Pinterest and other blogs for fun, trendy, yet comfortable clothing options.
What better way to share then with a linky party?! 
To participate, write a new post about your favorite footwear and post it with the image below.
Then link your post at the bottom of the page!
This month's linky is all about shoes! Kate kicked us off this week with a guest post about ASHA footwear from Kim Lewis, author of Activity Tailor.  If you missed it, you can check it out here!
What's your favorite type of footwear to wear to work? Are you more for fashion or more for comfort? I can tell you that I have never worn a pair of heels to work. Well, I did once. But that was when I was playing our principal in an end of the year skit :) That was the first and last time. When I am out shopping and looking for work approved footwear, I usually look for something in the middle of comfort and fashion. 
My favorite type of shoes are flats. I love them because you can wear them with jeans or dress them up a bit. The best part, your feet aren't killing you after your day is done. The majority of the flats I have in my closet are from Old Navy and Target. The pair on the right end are actually Crocs. What, Crocs? I know, I was shocked too. But they are adorable, comfy and look like boat shoes :) I do love me some boat shoes, too!
Even if you don't have a blog you can still participate! Anytime you want to share one of your favorite fashion ideas, post it to Instagram with #faveslpfashion ! You can follow me @kevstin 

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