In My APPinion: Pines to Vines- The Forest Biome

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Appy Wednesday! I am very excited to share a new app with you all today. A few weeks ago, Kyle from Mobile Education Store contacted me about reviewing their new app, Pines to Vines- The Forest Biome. This app is a virtual science textbook... a teacher's (and students') dream come true! 
When you open the app, you are presented with the main menu (as pictured above.) 
The settings option lets you adjust the text size, set up your email address, the option to have the text read to you or not, background sound effects, etc.
If you choose read, you are brought to the textbook. I absolutely love how interactive this book is. The images on the right hand side change as you are reading so they match the text (great feature to aid comprehension!) In addition to images, there are videos and diagrams to enhance the students learning. There are also built in definitions. Vocabulary words are printed in blue. The student can tap on the word, hear the pronunciation, and read the definition. 

Want to hear something even cooler than that? You can also choose the reading level for each student. Talk about scaffolding!! Basically, you can have your ESE and advanced students all learning the same lesson, just at their own level. The levels range from Level 1(1st grade) to Level 5 (8th grade)
Major kudos to Mobile Ed Store for that feature!
Now here is where the app really takes textbooks and classwork to a whole new level. Students are able to take their chapter tests on the iPad and (wait for it....) email their answers to their teacher! 
There are a total of 30 chapter quizzes and 6 final tests.
This app was designed to help with comprehension while fostering the love of learning. I don't know a student that wouldn't want to engage in this "textbook." With all the emphasis on Common Core and nonfiction this year, this app is an amazing tool for therapists, tutors, parents, and teachers. 
For more information on this app, you can check out Mobile Education Store's website here.
You can download a copy of this app in the iTunes Store here!

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