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Friday, November 29, 2013
Happy Black Friday! Have you been out shopping since last night or are you like me... still in my pajamas staying far away from the madness?! I am a little late to link up with Jenna from SRN but this was a linky I really wanted to participate in. I am always looking for good articulation materials.... if they are on the iPad, even better!
I have a few "go-to" speech apps. Each of them are used for different reasons. 
There are two apps that I always use for good ole' skill and drill data collection purposes, Articulate It by Smarty Ears and Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech.
Articulate It includes flashcards of target words for your students to imitate. What I really like about this app is that you can have your students practice their targets in words, phrases, and/ or sentences. Another feature that I like about this app is that you can choose target words by number of syllables, phonological processes, and manner of articulation- in addition to target phonemes. 
Articulation Station is another great app I love to use for data collection. As you can see, I did not download the Pro Version. I chose to individually purchase the sounds I needed (a feature this app offers.)  For some people that is a bonus feature for others, it is more cost effective to download the Pro Version. This app allows your students to practice target sounds at the word, sentence, or story level (great for older students practicing carryover)
Speech Stickers is one of my favorite apps to use with students that have apraxia or other motor speech disorders. This app offers phonemes and/or phoneme combinations for students to practice as they earn stickers. I recently did a review on this app. To read my review and learn more about this app, click here. If you check it out before Sunday, you can enter to win a copy!
A speech app favorite for my students' is, Articulation Scenes by Smarty Ears! I like to use this app for more laid back, fun therapy sessions. My students love finding the hidden items in the scenes. They are still practicing target words, but they are playing a game and having fun while doing it.
Listen Close Articulation is my newest favorite app by Erik X Raj. This app is like the speech version of the game Simon. Students have to remember word combinations and repeat them back. It is so much fun! Not gonna to lie... I played it for like 30 minutes the other night trying to beat my own score! Many articulation apps are quite pricy.... this app is only $4.99 in the iTunes store!

I had a lot of fun reading all the other Love It & List It articulation linkys. I love learning about new apps and finding out what other therapists use in their speech sessions. To read all the other linky participant posts, click on the Love It & List It icon at the top of the page. 
Happy Speeching!

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