Word Balloons [App Review & Giveaway!]

Monday, July 23, 2012
Happy Monday! The fantastic people at ARTEL Larsen have provided me with 3 more app codes to giveaway to you! This time it is for the Word Balloons app. This is a great app for improving your students' word recognition, reading speed, and writing skills. Check it out then make sure you enter to win one of three copies of the app below!
Word Balloons allows your students to practice word recognition and reading skills while having fun. The 500 words used in this app make up 80% of spoken and written everyday English. This means lots of great exposure!
 This app allows you to set the size of the word list (from 100-500). They are arranged in a list by frequency. You can also customize the app to each student by choosing how many balloons you want on the screen at a time. The more balloons on the screen means more points!
To use this app, students read the word at the bottom of the screen. He or she then has to find the balloon that has the same word on it. Once you touch the correct balloon, it disappears and a new word appears at the bottom of the screen. This app really is a lot of fun. My husband was watching me play over my shoulder and couldn't resist playing along. We ended up having a friendly competition!

This app is ideal for students working on reading and writing skills. This will really help students with sight words and spelling as well. Students can easily play independently or compete with his or her peers. I can see this being a hit in my therapy room! Have your students read the words they find out loud and make it an articulation therapy tool, too!


  1. It would be great to target vocabulary and articulation. They could work on sentence formulation using the given word. (Valerie)

  2. I would use this in speech to target reading, vocabulary and artic skills! Thankyou for the opportunity!

  3. I would use this with my preschoolers to target sight words or perhaps some articulation skills. For older students it would be great for reading and sentence formulation.

  4. I would definitely use this app to target vocabulary and articulation skills!


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