Save Those Sunday Ads!

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Don't throw out your newspaper ads! There are so many ways you can reuse these ads in speech. This is a great way to incorporate the importance of reusing and recycling into your classroom.  I keep a bag full of ads in my room all year long. Below are some activity ideas for these ads!
1. Letter Hunt: Young students learning letters of the alphabet can go on a letter hunt. Give them a magnifying glass and you've got them hooked!
2. Letter/ Sound Collage: have your students look for letters and pictures that include their target sound and make a collage. 
3. Go Shopping: have your students "go shopping" for items that contain a specific letter sound.
4. Categories: students can find items that belong in a specific category you are working on (for example, food vs. non food items or summer vs. winter clothing.... keep those ads all year long!)
5. Letter/ Sound Book: Have students create a book with items they find in the ads. This is a great way to expand from the basic A is for apple, B is for ball, etc. (Avoid my mistake and preview the ads first... I have had students try to put B is for beer or bra in their books!)
6. Get To Know You Activity: have students look through ads and make a collage based on things they like. When they are done, they can share their collage and tell you and their peers about themselves. Great opportunity for baseline speech data as well as practicing asking and answering questions!

There are endless ways to reuse these ads in speech... have you used ads in your therapy sessions?


  1. I have been saving ads all summer! I had the same thought process, at the start of the summer, as I was looking through the ads for something we were in need of in my household! Great blog post, Kristin!


  2. Thanks Courtney! Great minds think alike :)

  3. Love the collage idea!!! I'm going to start saving my flyers! Thanks Kristin!


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