DIY Jeopardy... Speech & Language Edition!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
I love creating Jeopardy games for my speech students. The best part is you can use this game format for just about anything you are working on. The most popular game I make is for story units. For story games, I will use categories such as WH Questions, Vocabulary, True or False, etc. Below is an example of my Verb Jeopardy game...

To create this, I used Power Point (Microsoft Word works, too) and simply created 2 tables. One table has the categories with points, and the second has the categories with questions. You keep the question page and have the points page out in front of your students. Laminate the points page (or put it in a page protector) and use dry erase markers to mark off the point value for questions that have already been asked. I have also created a giant Jeopardy game on my white board in my room, but that is not always an option for everyone. 

This game can be played with with an individual student or a group (split them up and make 2 teams... great opportunity for turn taking and team work!) I have also found that doing a Jeopardy game during an observation from the principal is awesome. They see how much the students are learning and they are so engaged!!

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