Back 2 School 'I Have, Who Has?' [freebie!]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
With the start of the school year creeping up on us, I got motivated to start working on Back-2-School activities! This activity is a school/art supply version of the I Have, Who Has game. This game will help your little ones learn the names of some school supplies, colors, as well as work on asking and answering questions! Enjoy!
If you snag a copy, please leave a comment. What other back to school activities are you looking for?


  1. I've been waiting to see a speech "I have, who has" activity! lol

  2. Love this! This will definitely be used at the beginning of the year.

  3. Thanks for sharing and the idea of how to use one of these games...will be good practice for my spectrum kids to ask and answer the questions and interact with peers!

  4. Thank you! I'm not ready to go back, but the back to school wheels are starting to turn--ready or not!


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