$-fun [App Review & Giveaway!]

Monday, July 16, 2012
Happy Monday! The fantastic people at ARTEL Larsen have provided me with 3 more app codes to giveaway to you! This time it is for the $-fun app. This is a great app for students learning counting and money sense. Check it out then make sure you enter to win one of three copies of the app below!
$-fun offers 3 different activities where students can practice saving, counting, and using money. The first activity pictured below is called Count. With this activity, the student is given a sum of money and has to count how much money is presented to them. The student then enters the amount of money onto the keypad and checks their answer by pressing the green check mark. 
 The second activity pictured is called Save. This activity has the student race against the clock by dragging as much money into the piggy bank as possible! I can see this one being a favorite with my students. 
 The third game pictured below is called Pay. With this activity, the student buys an item at a given price. Match the price by placing the money from the wallet onto the table. The student can check his/her answer by pressing the green check mark. 
Depending on the level of the student, you can decide to have these activities timed or not by choosing an option on the main screen. This is a great option if you are using this app as a teaching tool. Teachers can use this as a whole group activity with their class. Another option with this app is that you can decide to only work with the coins, not dollar bills, if that is what you are working on with your student. This app also keeps track of your score. Keep your kiddos motivated by having them try to beat their score! This app is ideal for anyone... therapists, teachers, kids, and parents. You can purchase $-fun in the iTunes store for $1.99!

Now for the moment you have been waiting for... the GIVEAWAY! Enter below to win, I will choose 3 winners on Friday July 20! Good Luck!


  1. This could be really useful for older kids working on life skills! I could see using the Pay game in preparation for a community based instruction class trip to the grocery store or something similar.

    Jenn :)

  2. This is a great app to use for older kids! I love it! My favorite app right now is probably Felt Board or My PlayHome (I work with preschoolers).

    Let's Talk SLP

  3. My favorite app is Articulation Station Pro!

  4. I haven't used any apps with kids yet but will this week when I start a 2 week summer therapy program. I have an app called Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure that involves drawing items that then interact with each other. I think it will be great to use as a reinforcer as well as with sentence building.

  5. We are not allowed to use any iPads or iTouches with kids in my school district, not even personal ones.

  6. I really enjoy Angry Birds as reward/break...kids will do anything to play with it!


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