Welcome to Phonological Processes Week!

Monday, May 6, 2013
Welcome to the first day of Phonological Processes Week here at Simply Speech! Learning about the different types of phonological processes while in school was enough to make my head spin! After all there are SO many different phonological processes kids can demonstrate. Phonological processes are patterns of sound errors that typically developing children use to simplify speech. It's often hard to differentiate the difference between an articulation disorder and a phonological disorder. I found this great chart from the Mommy Speech Therapy blog that explains phonological process disorders with definitions and examples. No need to reinvent the wheel, so I am going to share it here:
Check out Heidi's post and download the chart here!

Stay tuned for more information on specific phonological process disorders and giveaways of products and reviews made to target these disorders!


  1. I would love to use this for a sweet girl who needs lots of help. She needs a fun activity

  2. Loved to find it on Pinterest! I am a brazilian speech therapist and here we speak portuguese. Never had studied english phonological processes. Here we are called FONOAUDIÓLOGOS, our science is FONOAUDIOLOGIA. [ ]

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