Spice Up Your Artic Sessions!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
We all have fallen victim to the dull articulation sessions. I am sure I am not alone with the, "Candy Land again?" or the, "We just played Go Fish!" Sometimes it just takes a few fresh ideas to get our kids motivated again. Here are some fun, thinking out of the box ideas to spice up artic therapy!

1. A Treasure Hunt! Have your kids go on a treasure hunt (in the therapy room or around the school) for items that contain their sound. Write them down then practice them as they read their list to the group.

2. Play "I Spy" or the "Going on a Picnic/ to Grandma's House" game where students have to list items that have their sounds in them.

3. Magazine Hunt. Save those Sunday ads and have your kids make a collage of words they find with their target sound in them.

4. Listening game. Read a list of words where some contain a target and some don't. When they hear their sound they have to jump up or do something silly. Have the kids take turn reading the list of words.

5. Play Catch. Every time the ball/ beanbag is thrown, the person catching has to say a word that has the target sound in it.

6. Make a book. Create a book full of pictures, drawings, magazine cut outs that have the target sound in them. Create a sentence for each picture in the book.

7. Jenga! Tape target words onto Jenga pieces. As they take a piece, they have to say the word or make a sentence for the word.

8. Create a road out of artic cards. As the child drives the car over the cards, he/she says the word.

9. Hopscotch! Create a hopscotch game. Put an artic card in each box. As they hop in the box, they read the word.

10. Tic Tac Toe. Create a tic tac toe game board with artic words on it. As students make their X's or O's, they say the word in the box.

I hope you find this helpful... what are your favorite artic games?


  1. I just bought the Angry Birds game at Target. It works just like the app, except you create a target with plastic blocks for your opponent to shoot down with birds. We don't actually play by the rules (they are very involved)- we just take turns building the targets and slinging the birds! I have my students say 2-3 artic words for each turn. They love it!

  2. I agree. I also bought the Angry Birds game and my kids want to play it EVERY session. I'm the one saying "Angry Birds again??" I also bought a cheap set of bowling pins from Dollar General. Place a target sound under each pin and let them have at it! They love it.

  3. I guess I am going to have to get Angry Birds!

  4. Students love taking an IPad or touch, going around school and photographing things that have their sound in them (people or places work too). Even my k students can do this and love it. Then you can email them to yourself, print them and send them home for practice.

  5. I love these ideas! I'll also be one first to admit-I am guilty of boring artic therapy. Some things I've found the kids enjoy are: incorporting fun games such as "Trouble" or hiding words in Ned's Head (the game "What's in Ned's Head").
    My kiddos also like to say tongue twisters to practice their sounds. After a while, the kids try to come up with their own to see who can fit as many of their words with target sounds in those sentences. Fun!

  6. I like the bowling idea Jessica had. I've resorted to Scavenger Hunts, the box game (you draw lines between two dots to make a box - just fill in each spot with a target word), I Spy...I also like the magazine hunt and making a book ideas.

    Talking With Rebecca

  7. The best way for kids to learn better and catch up faster is either to incorporate humor or make the experience fun for them. In case of artic therapies, I believe things are no different. By engaging kids in fun activities like treasure hunting, you can help them lose their inhibitions and improve their speech faster.

    Rosalinda ^.^

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  9. These are all great! I love fresh ideas. I have the kiddos say their sound 5-10 times and then they get to shoot a hoop in my basketball hoop. We also use a bean bag toss game to keep things fresh. Love me some puppets! They will do anything to play with my puppets.


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