Door Decorations!

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Are you in the Halloween spirit yet? At my school, all of us in the ESE pod decorated our doors this week. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest (are you surprised?) and decided to decorate my door like a pumpkin. That started a domino effect! Check out the photos of our hallway!

Spooky Speech Room :)
The Reading/ Math Coach's office and OT office

VE Resource Room

Blended PreK 3 & 4 year old class.... and janitor's closet!

 Please share your Halloween decorations with me on my Facebook page!


  1. They're all so cute! I'm now inspired to decorate my door, which I had no intention of doing until I saw these...

    Talking With Rebecca

  2. Aww these are adorable! How did the kids react?

  3. Glad I could inspire Rebecca! :) The kids love them!!

  4. these are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!


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