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Friday, June 22, 2012
The other night, I posted a Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten check list. Over the summer, I will be posting activities to help you and your child master the items on that list. One very important skill to know when entering kindergarten is basic knowledge of letter names and sounds. Learning letter names and sounds can be a tedious process for little ones. It is important to make it fun so they want to learn. I have learned that music is a good  FANTASTIC way to help kids learn. The YouTube video below is a song that helps children learn letter names and sounds by the fabulous (yet, slightly cheesy!) Jack Hartman. If you have not heard of him, he will soon  become your best friend. Jack Hartman has many CD's out that teach learning fundamentals through music. I use this particular song with my students and they all LOVE it. 
I have also created a set of flash cards to go along with this song. Download these flashcards by clicking on the links below.
**Ideas for these flashcards**
1. Choose a letter of the week to use as a theme with your child. Have them keep that flash card with them when you go out. Through the week, find as many objects/words you can that have the target letter in them.
2. Print 2 copies of the cards and play a concentration matching game.
3. Print them out and hide them around your house. As your child finds them, she/she tells you the letter and sound.
4. Print out 2 copies of the cards and play Go Fish.
5. Put 4 cards out in front of your child. Have your child close his/her eyes while you take one away. Your child tells you what card is missing!
[Please note: Simply Speech created these flash cards, however, all images were found on Google Image. Simply Speech does not take credit for the images.]

If you download these flashcards or find another fun way to use them, please leave me a comment!

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