ABC Gestures!

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Learning letter names and sounds is super important for successful reading, writing, and spelling. Research has shown that when you add another element into learning (sound, touch, etc) students have more success. The last few years I have been incorporating gestures into my therapy sessions when working on letter sounds. Last school year, I did my inquiry project on using gestures to teach letter names and sounds, and it proved to really work! I now use these gestures all the time. They are great to use when singing the Jack Hartman song I posted a few days ago. The original list of gestures was created by a kindergarten teacher at my school. The gestures in the link at the bottom of this post is a combination of her gestures and mine.
Here are some photos of my students practicing the gestures....
 Gesture for Aa... aaaaachoo!!
 Gesture for Gg
Gesture for Qq
Click HERE to get a copy of all the gestures! If you download this, please leave me a comment to tell me how you plan to use this with your kids! I'd love to hear from you!

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