Following Directions with Jack the Giraffe! [freebie!]

Sunday, June 24, 2012
I hope you all are having fun mastering the Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten checklist. One item that was on the check list was following one and two step directions. I have created a cute little following directions game you can use with your little one at home! Click on the links below to download the game.
Some Ideas for how to use these cards:
1. Put cards in a bucket and have students take turns choosing a card. You read the direction to the student that picked the card and see if he/she can follow!
2. Write points on the back of each card. If the student can follow the direction, they get that many points.
3. Jack Says! Use these cards with a group and play like you would Simon Says. If they cannot follow the direction, or do it without hearing “Jack Says,” they are out of the game.
**There are blank cards at the end for you to create your own directions.

 If you download this activity or find another fun way to use these cards, please leave me a comment!


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