App Review ["WH" Questions at School Fun Deck]

Monday, June 11, 2012
Appy Monday everyone! I recently received a code for the "WH" Questions at School Fun Deck app by Super Duper Publications. I was very excited to try this one out because I am a huge fan of Super Duper. All of their products are fun and easy to use. This app was no exception. Super Duper  was kind enough to provide me with a code in order to complete the review, but the opinions below are mine.

This app was user friendly and easy to figure out without having to watch a tutorial, although they do provide one under the 'More...' option on the main page. To use this app, you first have to create a player list. This is where you enter the names of students you will use this app with. This app keeps record of students correct or incorrect answers and ability to answer questions. I love that this app allows you to go paperless with your data collection! After you create a player list, you can select 'Start New Game' or 'Continue Game.' If you select a new game, you are brought to this screen:

Here you select from a list of over 50 questions you want to use with your students. What I really like about this option is that you can choose specific questions according to your goals. For example, if you are only working on "who" questions with your student, you have the option to only select the "who" questions. After you have chosen the questions you would like to use, simply hit 'Play' at the top of the screen. From there, you are brought to colorful pictures and questions that are presented one at a time. Below is an example of one:

Pros for this app are:
  • student/ user friendly
  • engaging pictures
  • data collection  (with option to email results)
  • great to use for progress monitoring of IEP goals
  • fun game to play with students as a reinforcement
Cons for this app:
  • the only thing I would change with this app is maybe add the option to create your own questions.
Overall, this was a great app and I would recommend it to anyone working on WH questions with their students. "WH" Questions at School sells for $1.99 at the iTunes store.

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