Under The Sea: A Thematic Unit {Giveaway!}

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
I just love using themes in my therapy sessions. Under the Sea is always one of my favorites to use while the weather is still warm (granted, that often goes until November here in Florida!) I love reading stories such as Ten Friendly Fish or The Rainbow Fish in therapy then following up with some fun sea related activities. I created this thematic unit to use in my therapy room and I would like to share it with you! 
This packet includes activities that target the following goals:
Expressive/receptive language
Concepts of same/difference, big/small, plurals
Phonemic awareness
The first activity included in the pack are sea creature flashcards. There are a total of 14 flashcards that can be used unlimited ways. My suggestion is to print out 2 copies and play a matching/memory type game with them. It's also fun to hide them around the room and have your students name the cards as they find them. 

The second activity included is a phonemic awareness activity. Each sea creature will only eat foods that have the same beginning sound as his/her name. Your students get to help the sea creature figure out what they should eat for lunch!
"This is my friend Watson Whale. He only like to eat foods that start with the /w/ sound. 
What should Watson eat for lunch?"

The third activity included is a preposition activity. Have your students complete the sentence that best describes the picture. Prepositions targeted include: under/below, over/above, next to, in front, behind, near, far. 

I have also included a BINGo game because who doesn't enjoy BINGO?! There are 4 different BINGO mats and calling cards included. 

Next up are 2 following directions coloring sheets.

Last but not least, 2 articulation homework sheets. One sheet targets the word level and the second targets the sentence level. There are no words pre-printed so you can use these worksheets for any speech sound!

You can purchase this activity in my store here! You can also try to win a copy below. If you cannot wait to purchase this activity, go ahead. If you win the raffle, you can choose any other activity from my store for free!
Good luck!


  1. This is in my wishlist! I could use this with my pre-k kiddos :)

  2. Love it for the younger kids. Who doesn't love fish?

  3. Great theme for summer! Love the characters!

  4. So glad summer isn't over yet, looks like a fun theme and set of activities!

  5. This covers a lot for the kids and in such a cute way!

  6. I bet your students love to come see you! Lucky you!

  7. I put this on my wish list. My ECSE kids would really benefit from this!
    Fun in ECSE

  8. lve the variety of activities and clipart this activity covers

  9. This looks like a great product! The clip art is adorable!

  10. I want to do this for my preschoolers' "Under the Sea" week this summer!

  11. Cute unit! Best of luck with your new venture into the world of private practice!

    Schoolhouse Talk!

  12. I just put my ocean bulletin board up, Get "Sea"rious About Speech. I would love to start with these activities next week!

  13. I love the clipart! :D What a fun activity!

  14. Super cute ideas! The clip art is adorable:)

    Heather Marchuck
    Quart Size Communicators

  15. Luv ocean themes! My kids would love this activity!

  16. These are adorable! My Pre-K/K kids would love them!

  17. I love the under the sea theme! Lots of cute activities!

  18. I love that this bundle has follow-up homework sheets :) Love all that you do!

  19. Love the sea and beach themes.

  20. Love it! This is my theme for the coming year!

  21. Great variety and super cute for my younger students


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