Friday Rewind! {Highlights From Therapy This Week}

Friday, August 9, 2013
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T.G.I.F! We made it through another week! This week the kiddos and I went under the sea. I love the using the under the sea unit... it's so colorful and fun! This summer, all of my kids have been PreK age, but they each have different goals that they are working on. I have found that using themes allow you to keep some consistency in all your therapy sessions while giving you the flexibility to individualize the sessions at the same time. 
Here is a peek into my week....
 The Rainbow Fish and Ten Friendly Fish are a few of my favorites to read with the kids during  Under the Sea Week!
After we read the story, the kids and I participated in a few different activities. In the photo above, one of my students is completing a following directions coloring activity from my Under the Sea Thematic Unit.
We also made our own rainbow fish out of paper plates and construction paper scales. This activity is always a favorite and allows for a lot of language opportunities: requesting, naming colors, vocabulary, prepositions, etc. 
We also had a little fun with Under the Sea BINGO! What did you do in therapy this week?
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