Throw Back Thursday {Back 2 School Edition!}

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Last year I shared one of my favorite ways to get creative while getting to know your little ones at the beginning of the school year. In honor of "Throw Back Thursday," I thought this one was worthy of sharing again!
This is my Get to Know You Necklace activity! You can also make this into a bracelet, anklet (do people still wear those?), etc. All you need is a big bag of beads and some string.  To make the necklace, first  read the directions on the paper out loud. The students then add beads to their string based on their personal information. For example, I am a girl and I have 1 sister. So I would add two pink beads and 1 purple bead. This really stirs up the conversation between me and the students as well as creating peer connections. After the necklaces are finished, it's fun to compare and contrast. 
If your necklaces aren't very long, have the kids come up with some more characteristics!
What are some of your favorite Back 2 School activities?

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