Speech Centers: Listening Center!

Saturday, August 17, 2013
The start of the school year is upon us. Have you started planning your lessons yet? Last school year I implemented speech centers into my articulation therapy groups. The reason I started using centers was that I had a high caseload with students that had very different goals. I wanted to be able to address each student's individual needs during each therapy session... but that is often quite difficult when you are servicing kids 5 at a time. So implementing speech centers seemed to be the solution to my madness! If you have not seen my earlier posts on speech centers, click here to see how successful they were and how I used them in my speech room!
When I wrote my first blog post about speech centers and what I used, there were a lot of questions about my listening center. I created a power point presentation for the students to listen to when they are at the Listening Center. I have a separate slide show for each sound. The student clicks through the slide show of their target sound and listens to the entire presentation (kind of like an auditory bombardment activity.) There is an audio button in the middle of each slide. When the student clicks on the button, they hear the name of the picture produced. I had no idea you could add your own audio to a power point presentation until I started making these! I let the students use my laptop with headphones so the other students were not disturbed. I also had the student sitting in viewing range so I could make sure they were staying on task. 
Each slide show has about 40 images that contain the target sound in the initial, medial, and final position. You can download your own copy of my Listening Center Power Points in my TpT Store!

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