Thematic Pronoun Sorting Mats!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Pronouns. This seems to be a skill that I am constantly trying to come up with new activities to target. We have used Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, action figures, flash cards, iPad activities, books, etc. I wanted to give my students something that they could have fun with and take home, so I created pronoun sorting mats. I love using themes in therapy, so I created a bunch of them… with 11 different themes. Check them out!
Included in this packet is 1 mat and 11 themed picture pages in both color and black & white. I like to laminate a copy of the mat along with the colored pictures to use multiple times with different students and groups. The black and white pictures were created with the student (and your printer ink!) in mind. Print out a copy of the mat and a black and white thematic picture page for each student. Have the kids color, cut, then glue them onto the mat in the correct column.

The themes included in this packet are:
Space, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, School, Western, Easter, St. Patricks Day, Military, Superhero, and Pirates. 
There is something for everyone and each time of year!
You can download a copy of this packet in my store here!
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  1. Receptively, I like to sort. Expressively, I increase the question prompt difficulty as the child improves - from "Tell me what he/she is doing" to "Tell me what the boy/girl is doing" and finally "Tell me about him/her "(usually their errors). Seems to work well.

  2. I like to target pronouns with little action figures.

  3. Books or magazines - they are an easy, quick way to target pronouns! I love the themes idea though!

  4. Through describing of pictures, and retelling of stories.

  5. I prefer books/pictures - describing and retelling!


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