Putting the ART in Articulation!

Thursday, November 30, 2017
My students absolutely LOVE completing crafts during speech sessions. They love it because they get to take something home they are proud of. I enjoy it because they are focused and working hard during the entire session. 
I also love a good no-prep,print and go craft. So, a few months ago I created some cactus color-by-word articulation worksheets, appropriately named ART-ticulation! My students enjoyed them so much that I started creating them for the upcoming holidays! These have been great to send home as homework as well as use during therapy sessions. 
I personally one work one on one with my students, but since all the pictures turn out the same, these work really well for mixed articulation groups as well!
At the moment I have ART-ticulation worksheets for the following themes:
Snow Globes
...but I just download another giant bundle of clipart for these, so many more are on the way!
You can check all of them out in my TpT store, here!


  1. I love these, would you happen to have any for 6th grade level? I help a 6th grade class with some students that need a lot of redirection and have trouble staying focused, but I really think these would be great for them plus they will be learning either way. Some of the students like to color, draw, and create things and I believe they'll enjoy these ARTiculations! Some students aren't that close to their grade level, but some are at or above their grade level. Thank you for these!!

  2. Kristin, these are amazing! Thank you so much for creating something simple that will keep my client's engaged during therapy!

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