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Thursday, January 15, 2015
Appy Thursday! Who's ready for another app review? I was very excited when the wonderful people over at Virtual Speech Center contact me about reviewing, Factory of Categories. because I am kind of a dork and really enjoy working on category goals. Using manipulatives and hands on activates are great for this goal, but show me one student that wouldn't choose to work on a goal on the iPad over a paper activity. So let me show you how this app works!
VSC did provide me with a copy of this app, however, all opinions expressed in this review are mine. 
When you first open the app, you will see the screen above. This is where you can manage the app settings, view student reports, and get some general info on the app. To begin working, click START.
Here is where you choose the students that you will be working with. I love any app that allows for multiple students to work at the same time. This is ideal for school based therapists or anyone that holds group sessions. In fact, this is a great feature for moms with more than one child that want to do some work at home. 
After you select the students, you are able to to choose what area to work on. This app comes with 4 different categories of categories (ha!) You can choose as many as you would like from:
Where does it belong?
Name this category.
Which does not belong?
Add one more that goes with the rest.
Each of these has an easy, moderate, or difficult level.
If you choose, Where does it belong? you will see prompts like the one pictured above. Students must drag the pictures at the top of the screen into the correct boxes below. 
If you choose, Name this category, you will see prompts like the one above. Students give verbal responses for this one and you reward them with a check or X based on their answer. 
If you choose, Which does not belong? you will see prompts like the one above. Students are to drag the picture that does not belong into the brown bin at the bottom of the screen. 
If you choose, Add one more that goes with the rest, you will see prompts like the one above. Students are to drag one picture from the top that is in the same category as the pictures at the bottom. 
When you are all finished, you can view a report to see and share student data. I love the option to email these reports. It's a great way to keep open communication with teachers and parents regarding student progress. 
This is a great app for targeting categories. I love that VSC included multiple ways to target this goal. This is a fun alternative way to practice and teach the concept of categories. No need to carry around decks of cards, everything you need is on this app. You can download a copy of this app in the iTunes store, here. This app is currently on sale for $5.99, which is incredibly reasonable for all that it includes. 
What do you think, is this an app you would use with students on your caseload?

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