Pizza Palace Listening Game!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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Have you joined in the #instaslp link up on Instagram? Yesterday we were supposed to post a picture from our therapy sessions. I posted a picture of me and one of my little ones playing a pizza game. I had quite a few people asking what the game was so I decided to share it here....
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If you know me, you know I love games. I love games even more when they help me address some IEP goals while we play. The newest game on my shelf (or back seat of my car) is Noodleboro Pizza Palace Listening Game
I learned about this game from the same kiddo that told me about Avalanche Fruit Stand
Kids are the best ones to listen to when looking for some new games! 
This is a listening game where the kids get to be pizza chefs and take orders. The better they make the pizza, the closer they get to earning a blue ribbon. However, I hardly ever play exactly how the rules say to play. I love games that can allow you to make up your own rules as you go. 
Included in the game is: 2 pizzas and 2 boxes, 50 topping discs (everything from tomatoes to stinky socks!),  25 topping cards, a pawn, scoring track, a story, and a companion CD. This game was quite the find for less than $13. 
Below are some of the goals I have been able to address with this game:
-Listening & memory skills
-Following directions
-Social skills

To learn more about this game, click here:


  1. True Life, I asked you what this was and I HAVE IT! Totally remembered once I saw the box :)

  2. found this game at the Goodwill and totally snatched it up! I used it in therapy today for vocabulary. I love it...


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