Friday Rewind {Highlights From This Week!}

Friday, September 13, 2013
Woo hoo! We made it through another week. Normally I have these posts up early Friday morning but this week was a little different for me. If you noticed, it was a little quiet on the blog this week. My husband works for a radio station and normally hosts the night show. This week he covered the afternoon shift and was actually home at night! We had a short glimpse into what it would be like if we both had "normal" working hours. Needless to say, I spent more time with him than the blog this week (I'm sure you understand :)
On another note, I did get a little crafty this week. I was so jealous of everyone that got to decorate their speech rooms/offices. I ended up living vicariously through all your Instagram photos. I decided that Kenzie's room would reap the benefits of my creative motivation. I have seen these cute pom poms on Pinterest and now they are hanging above her crib!

Now on to the speechy part of my week.... I did a lot of testing this week, so I don't have too many photo ops from therapy. However, Jen Shamberger's No Frills R did get a lot of use this week. I like this activity because the different forms of R are broken down and separated. That way I was able to determine that my kiddo was great at producing -ar but had difficulty producing -er, -air, and -or.  I decided to go green and not print it out. My little one did awesome reading and repeating words and sentences right off the iPad!
I have a lot of kids with pronoun goals on my caseload right now. I had been searching for activities that addressed pronouns but I couldn't find something really simple to use with my PreK kids. I created an activity that includes 20 picture cards. For example, I would lay out both the boy on the horse and the girl on the horse cards. Then I would say, "Show me, she is riding a horse."  The child would (hopefully) touch or pick up the girl on the horse. I chose pictures of boys, girls, and groups of kids (them/they pronoun) doing similar activities. These cards can be used receptively or expressively. You can also use these to teach or assess the concept of pronouns!
Good news... I am offering these cards as a freebie to you! I hope you find them as helpful as they have been to me this week.
You can download them in my TpT store, here!
That was my week! I hope you all had a great week too, I'd love to hear about it. 
PS- If you havent't joined in the #InstaSLP party on Instagram, it's not too late.
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  1. Cute pronoun cards :) Thanks for sharing! I know my kinders will like the break from SuperDuper Pronoun Parade fun deck, lol.

  2. Ohhh, pronouns are just what I need!! And I hear you about not having space to "decorate!" It's ok though...your pom-poms are very cute!!

  3. I have a lot of young kids with pronoun goals right now too and have had a hard time targeting. Thanks for the freebie it is so great!


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