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Saturday, May 12, 2012
Good morning!! We all are guilty of our little therapy rooms cluttered with materials we have created or purchased. However, we all have our favorite tried and true, "go to" items. What are your "can't do my job without" materials? Here are my Top 4:

1. My Planner! I cannot live without my planner. My co workers always make fun of me and my OCD ways with my planner (meetings are highlighted in yellow, private therapy in orange, the days are crossed off in pink... I know, crazy!) My favorite planner is the Day Runner. I like this particular one because it has month and day options. The month section is helpful for IEP due dates and meetings. The day section is helpful for planning out private therapy sessions. Here is a picture of the one I have:
2. Super Duper Artic Fun Decks! I love these cards because there is so much you can do with them. I use single words and sentences, depending on goals. The kids enjoy using them and don't realize they are drilling sounds when we use them in a game. I have the big box kit, but I am hoping they make a app for these!

3. Ned's Head! Check out my previous post on how I used Ned: here!

4. My iPad! If I had to choose only 1 item to keep for therapy, it would be my iPad. There truly is an app for everything. It keeps me organized and has a ton of therapy tools. I also love that there is a camera and video recorder on the iPad. I use the video camera to do random sampling of my students for progress monitoring and sharing with parents. 

What are your favorite therapy tools?


  1. I couldn't live without my dry erase board and mini boards! Such an easy way to quickly create a visual!

  2. The Super Duper Artic Fun decks look like something I need to check out! =)

    Heather's Heart

  3. I love Ned's Head - use it for a variety of reasons and variety of ages (with modifications) :)!

  4. I love Ned's Head too! I can't live without my google calendar app on my iphone, I can color coordinate between annual & TRI IEP's as well as everything else in my life. Many years ago a friend of mine made a jeopardy board with shapes across the top & the numbers along the bottom. I use a lot of themes in my room, right now angry birds have invaded the speech room so I just put angry bird characters along the top & easy peasy we have angry birds jeopardy.


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