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Friday, May 11, 2012
I am loving May! All of these free apps are quickly filling up my iPad. Make sure you "like" the [simply speech.] Facebook page to learn about some of the free apps I am downloading. I wanted to share with you Dragon Dictation. This free app is a voice recognition program that writes out what you say. This app has come in very handy with my older speech kids. I actually used it with my 20 year old /r/ client as well.    Many students don't think they are saying their sounds wrong. I know we have all heard at least once (or 20 times), "but that's what I said!" when we correct our students! This app allows the students to practice words, phrases, sentences, or read out loud and have their message typed out. It is a great visual for students to see how their speech comes across to others. This would be a valuable progress monitoring tool to use once a month or so to show improvement!

To get Dragon Dictation, click here: Dragon Dictation

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