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Monday, May 14, 2012
Happy Monday! Before we get to the book, I want to wish all you mommies a very Happy [belated]  Mother's Day! My first Mother's Day was so special! Here is a picture of me and Kenzie with my mom and my mother in law.

The book of the week for this week is:

Book: Rosie's Walk
Author: Pat Hutchins
Age Level: 3 and up
Goal targets: prepositions!
Summary: Rosie the hen leaves her chicken coop and sets out for a little walk. Right behind her is the fox, slyly trying to catch her. Rosie's walk is quiet and eventually leads her back to the coop. She is unaware of the fox trying to navigate the obstacle course that Rosie has led him through (around the pond, across the yard, etc).

**You can find this book on Amazon for around $4.00!

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