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Saturday, July 6, 2013
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Carly's Voice
 was June's book choice for the SLP Book Club. I just finished this amazing story last night. I have to say that this is one book that I am so thankful that I read. Carly's story has definitely given me a new insight and way of looking at students with autism. The way Carly is perceived from the outside is no match to what she has going on inside. I am amazed by her intelligence and her wit! I have worked with a few students that remind me of Carly, however, I never got to hear his or her "inner voice." I don't want to make this a "spoiler" post, so I thought I would share with you all some videos of Carly that I found!

This is the ABC broadcast that was mentioned in the book. This video gives life to the words we read. I love putting faces to names and you can see Barb and Howie in the video!

This is a clip of Carly answering questions on The Dr.s

If you have not read Carly's Voice, I highly recommend it! Carly, you are truly an inspiration to all of us!!
PS- It's not too late to join the book club! July's book is Schuyler's Monster. 
Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for sharing the videos. I had not seen either one, and like you, I love to put a face to a name! I really enjoyed the book, and you are right...makes you think about students completely differently!

  2. I totally loved the book! I work with students like Carly every day. It made me think more about how much my students are actually understanding, and also made me wonder more about what they are thinking and feeling. Thanks for sharing the videos. I, too, love to put a face to a name!
    Speech Universe

  3. I loved this book too...professionally and personally as a parent. I follow Carly on Facebook too. I found out that she is going off to college in the fall...pretty amazing.


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