Love It & List It Linky Party!

Thursday, July 18, 2013
2 linky parties in 1 week? Yes please! I am excited to be joining  Speech Room News' Love It & List It Linky Party. The 3rd Friday of every month, fellow bloggers and I will be posting lists of our favorite things. This month's list consists of my favorite games for therapy. Now we're talking board games. No iPads included on this list (goodness gracious, what did we do before iPads?)

1. Ned's Head: My husband bought me this game when I was hired at my first elementary school job. I adore this game for so many reasons. Yes, from the looks of the box, this game is disgusting and screams "little boy game" all over it. But I have played this game the way it is supposed to be played less times than the number of fingers I have on one hand. I love to stuff Ned's Head with articulation cards, question cards, tactile/ sensory objects, you name it. Ned turns boring articulation drill sessions into tons of fun!

2. Candy Land: I wouldn't be surprised if this game made it on every list for this linky party. Candy Land is so appealing to kids. Sometimes I think it is sitting on my shelf screaming at the kids to come play with it.... and I honestly don't mind. I love that this game allows for so many therapy opportunities.  Since it is a pretty fast paced and an easy to understand game, it can be used with my itty bitty ones too.

3. Granny's Candies: This is another fun candy themed game (hmm.. I'm sensing a theme here!) This game by Super Duper is great for targeting language and vocabulary goals. 
Thanks for checking out this linky party! I am off to check out all the other bloggers' lists now!


  1. Thanks so much for linking up friend! I am loving seeing into everyone's game cabinets!

    Speech Room News

  2. So far, I think there are already 4 of us with Ned's Head on our lists. He's even beating Caribou, if you can believe that! I've never heard of Granny's Candies, but looks fun. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Wide World of Speech Therapy

    1. I don't own Caribou but I think I may after this weekend :)

  3. I love Ned's Head (and Cariboo), but didn't include them on my list b/c I figured they'd be everyone's favorite! Can you believe I don't have Granny's Candies???

  4. Love all the Granny's Candies!! Have them all too!

  5. I love Granny's Candies. And Ned's Head is a favorite. I have some boxes of articulation objects that I put in for my artic kids.


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