Community Helpers: A CCSS Thematic Unit! {Giveaway!!}

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
July isn't even over yet and the stores are screaming "Back 2 School" already! Part of me hates the fact that summer is coming to an end but the other part of me secretly loves this time of year. I get overly excited about notebooks and new crayons. At the beginning of each school year, I organize my year based on thematic units. Thematic units help keep me organized. I feel that if I know the theme that I am going to be using, I have more direction for therapy. I have a clear idea of what stories I will be reading and what kind of activities we will be doing in speech. I have created a series of thematic units and I would like to introduce my first of the series... Community Helpers!
This activity pack is full of language based activities that also help you hit those common core standards. This year, my state is taking the common core head on, so I want to be prepared. I try to always keep those standards in mind now when creating actives and planning for therapy. 
Let's take a little tour inside this activity....
First up are vocabulary posters. I have created a poster for 8 community helpers:
Crossing Guard
Police Officer

Next up, I have included a community helper matching game. These cards can be used many ways, but I indented them to be used as a matching game. Print out 2 copies and play a concentration/memory type game with them. You could also hide them around the room and have your students name the community helper as he/she found them.

For our little ones working on patters, I included a pattern worksheet. This worksheet includes AB, AABB, and ABC patters.

The picture above is of my game board. 

These inferencing cards can be used on their own or as game cards with the game board. Have your kiddos answer a question before the take roll the dice to move across the game board. 

These pronoun cards could also be used with the game board or on their own. 

Bonus cards for the game! Print as many copies of this page as you would like. 

There are 4 venn diagrams included prompting students to compare and contrast:
Firefighter vs. Police Officer
Dentist vs. Doctor
Baker vs. Farmer
Veterinarian vs. Doctor

I love a good writing prompt! After your kids have learned about community helpers, encourage them to choose what community helper they would like to be and draw a picture!

Last but not least, attribute cards! Let students show off all they have learned about community helpers!

I am very excited about this activity! You can download this activity in my store or try to win a copy below! If you can't wait for the contest to be over and want to purchase it now, go ahead. If you win the contest, I will give you another free product of your choice from my store. Good luck!!


  1. My favorite themes are seasonal things.

  2. My favorite theme is the ocean.
    Fun in ECSE

  3. My favorite theme is fairy tales. They are so much fun.

  4. My favorite theme is fish/ocean related.

  5. My favorite theme is animals. :)

  6. I like to do things around the seasons.

  7. I usually don't do themes, I love anything with bright colors!

  8. My favorite theme is pirates.

  9. I like Dr. Seuss week and winter :)

  10. Potato heads and seasonal like fall.

  11. I love monsters! I am not sure why but I have so many monsters! :D

  12. I like changing up my themes a lot to keep things interesting! My kiddos seem to love holiday and season themes the most! :)

  13. Love the community helpers theme!

  14. I change my theme every one-two weeks to keep things fresh and engaging. My favs are probably apples, Halloween and pirates:)

  15. I have, in the past, used monthly themes, but am going to try to incorporate the themes that the classrooms are using through Common Core.

  16. My favorite theme is happy clients ;)

  17. I love the seasonal stuff, Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially!

  18. This past year, my students really liked pirates and oceans. So I am trying to include more activities for those themes this year.

  19. My favorite themes are holiday and seasonal related :)

  20. I really like this thematic unit! I try to keep the same themes as the students are doing in the classroom. This looks like a fabulous activity!

  21. My new favorite theme is all summer related. Camping, ocean, etc!

  22. My favorite theme is monsters!

  23. Halloween and other holidays!


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