Star Spangled Speech... With A Giveaway!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
We are just about a week out from one of my favorite holidays.... The 4th of July! Do you have your patriotic therapy materials ready? I created two festive articulation activities to use with my speech students this year. 
I separated them into two packets for conveince. Each packet includes speech targets in the initial, medial, and final position of the words. The early sounds includes 126 flashcards and the later sounds packet includes 132 flashcards. I underlined the target sound to help keep the cards organized as well as show the student where the sound is in the word. 
In addition to the flashcards, I included an open ended game (because who doesn't like games?!)
You can use this separately or with the articulation cards. Print as many copies of these pages as you need for the game. 

You can download these activities in my TpT store. Click on the links below:
In the spirit of the holiday, how about a giveaway?


  1. Looks great! WOuld love it for my summer kids!

  2. Taking my daughter (and hopefully my nephew!!) to the parade and (my favorite!) fireworks!

  3. We will be staying inside, we live in Arizona and it is to hot & crowded to see fireworks. Hope to see some from the backyard.

  4. Seeing all these Fourth of July Materials make me realize the holiday is coming up a lot sooner than I realized! I do not have plans yet. We will be just getting back from Washington DC so maybe the trip will put us in the mood to figure out plans to celebrate.

  5. Still working on it. But usually a parade, followed by lunch, nap then fireworks with friends and family.

  6. Thanks so much for the Star Spangled Speech single worksheet! My lil' patients and I will be using it next week!
    Have a Star Spangled 4th! I'll be grilling up some steaks and making the family favorites: potato salad, watermelon-fruit salad, cherry pie ...and brownies! :)

  7. Either the 3rd or 4th we are going to the Drive In to see Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. Those are the only firm plans we have right now.

  8. Having a cookout with friends and then off to watch fireworks!


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