Crowd Pleasing Apps {PreK Edition}

Friday, June 21, 2013
Happy Friday! We made it through another week :) 
This summer I have been working primarily with PreK age kiddos. Before the summer session started, I went on an app hunt for (what I thought would be) fun and engaging educational apps. Some we hits and some we not... 
I wanted to share with you my top 4 kid approved apps! 
Before we get started with the list, I want to say that the app companies did not contact me about these apps. These were purchased by me and the opinions are mine. 
OK here we go...!

First up, Oscar Pizza Chef by Timbuktu
The "pizza app" gets requested by name frequently. I love this app because you can target following directions and sequencing goals... and the kids have no idea! To play, first the student chooses the type of pizza he/she wants to create. The names are really in Italian... I had to have a client's dad help me with some of the pronunciations! Then, the student has to create the pizza only using the ingredients on the list. There are pictures of the ingredients next to the name to help the little guys out.
After the pizza us baked, the pizza is served to Eegor. If you used the right ingredients, Eegor will love your pizza and eat it up. If it is not made correctly, he gets angry and throws the pizza. The best part... you get to take your picture with Eegor at the end :)

Second, Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Day & Night Studios, Inc.
This is a fabulous companion to go with the book. 
This is a great app for little ones to target counting, numbers, vocabulary, and following directions. 
There are 5 different levels to choose from based on the kiddo's ability level. 

Third, Magic Sorter- Sea Tales by Igromatic
This is a super fun, under the sea themed app. It is full of games that target size, colors, patterns, vocabulary, sorting, counting, etc., etc. 
After a child completes an activity, Caribbean music plays and the sea creatures dance. 
The music is pretty catchy... one of my kids told me to "stop dancing!" the other day :)

Last, but certainly not least, Freckleface Strawberry Monster Maker by Nymbly
This app is based on the children's books by actress Julianne Moore. It starts out with a little story when she introduces her monster to you. Then the fun part, you (or the student :) get to create your own monster! 
I like using this app as both a reward at the end of speech and an expressive language tool. As your student is creating his/her monster, have them use sentences such as, "My monster is blue," or "My monster has 4 eyes and a tail." This app has the photo option too. Here is Kenzie with our monster :)

I hope you can find these apps helpful for you in therapy. These would be great apps to recommend to parents because they are all engaging, educational, and fun (and all under $3.00!)

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