Stone Soup, Anyone?

Monday, December 10, 2012
I love using the book, Stone Soup in therapy. There are so many activities that can be done with this activity on many different levels. I like to use this book and activities each winter and decided to put my activity up on Teachers pay Teachers this year for you all to enjoy!
I use the version by Ann McGovern. I don't have a preference of one story version over the other, but this one was already in my classroom library when I started at my school! Here is what the download includes:
Soup Place Mat 
(this can be used however you would like. I have included some ideas below!)
In My Soup Articulation Activity
Give each student a Soup Place Mat. Print out pages, cut and laminate. Place the cards face down on the table. Have student take turns choosing a card. Use the item on the card in the sentence:
“I like _________ in my soup.” or “I do not like ________in my soup.”
Students decide if they want to put the object they chose in their soup bowl or back into the pile. This activity created more language than I imagined! One student chose to make silly soup and put objects like a shark, flower, shoes, etc. in his soup. He spontaneously told me a story about how the shark was chasing the shoes and the flower around the soup bowl!
With younger students, you can also use these cards to sort food vs. not food items. I did the sorting activity with my PreK students.
Story Sequencing  Activity
Print out story map and object cards, cut, and laminate. Have students put the objects requested in the story in order. Let students retell the story using their sequencing map.
Stone Soup Story Grammar
Students complete the worksheet targeting characters, setting, and main events in the story.
Writing Prompt
Student write about how they think the soup was made from a stone. 
Make Your Own Soup!
Students create their own soup listing their own characters and what ingredients they will bring to make the soup!


  1. Hey there! I'm a K-2 SPED teacher and a new follower. I just started a "spotted using good speech" jar, thanks to a pin I found on Pinterest. It just lead me to your main blog page. Could you give me a link to the original post?
    The Lower Elementary Cottage

    1. Oh my goodness Lisa, I am just now seeing this. You probably don't need it anymore, but here is the link. So sorry!

  2. Just bought this book yesterday, getting it prepped this week, and excited to use it next week!! Really excited about your creative way of targeting negation, that one can be tricky! Thanks!!


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