My Favorite Apps of 2012!

Friday, December 28, 2012
For me, 2012 was the year of the app! This was the first year that I really put my iPad to use in my therapy room. I have downloaded 100's of apps but a select few really helped make my therapy sessions fun and powerful. Here is my list of my 5 favorite apps for 2012:

Articulation Station
By Little Bee Speech
I have used this app more than any other app out there. Articulation therapy sessions can get tedious and you can only play Candy Land or Go Fish so many times. This app allows for drill like sessions (that get you tons of target practice) without the moans and groans from the kiddos. Even my littlest ones come in my room asking for, "The bee!" 
Multiple Choice Articulation
By Erik X. Raj
Looking for an app that allows you to target articulation carryover while working on language skills? This one will help you score points with your speech and language kiddos! So many speech apps are made for young children. This app wont make your older students feel like they are using a preschool articulation app (and it's a lot of fun!)
Find it in iTunes here

Glow Draw!
By Indigo Penguin Limited

This FREE app has saved me many times this year. Kids hate doing worksheets but love using the iPad.... enter Glow Draw! This app allows you to upload a picture and draw on it. I have uploaded more worksheets than I can count with this app and students (willingly!) complete them using the glow pen! Another bonus is that I spend way less time in the line at the copy machine :)
Find it in iTunes here

Preposition Builder
By Mobile Education Store

I have quite a few students on my caseload with preposition goals this year. So naturally, this app was used a lot. What I really like about this app is that if the student answers wrong, the app shows them a picture of why the answer is not correct. I have been using it as a reward activity at the end of each session. The last 5 minutes of each session, we use this app as a whole group for extra practice and fun.
Find it in iTunes here

Sounding Board
By AbleNet

I love this app! It is a communication board on the iPad. I use it in both private therapy and in my school based sessions. This app allows you to create your own communication boards with your own pictures. It is great with helping little ones make choices and express their wants and needs!
Find it in iTunes here

I was really  close to adding the Pinterest app to my list :) I can't even count the number of creative ideas I have stolen from Pinterest (and I know you have, too!) I am so excited to see what 2013 has in store for the iPad! Do you use any of these apps in your therapy room?


  1. How do you upload a worksheet to use with Glow Draw? Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Take a picture with your iPad first. Then open Glow Draw and tap the pencil icon at the bottom, then the rectangle (3rd in) then the icon with 4 rectangles (2nd in). This will bring you to your photos on your ipad. Select a photo and draw on it! Check out this post for a picture of what it looks like:

  3. Kids Doodle does the same thing as Glow Draw but is way cooler! After you are finished, it recreates what you draw, step by step animation

  4. I use Articulation Station almost every day. I also use Sounding Board but you cannot edit or alter the boards once you have created them although you can create new boards.


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